Here’s What’s New in AppViewX

Networks must be agile to compete in today’s digital marketplace. Whether it be spinning VM’s or binding SSL/TLS certificates to applications, everything must keep pace with the changing dynamics of modern business ecosystems.

How do you plan on keeping up with these changing demands?

Invest in the recruitment of new resources? Or invest in training existing ones?

Which approach do you think is most scalable?


If you wish to truly scale inorganically, you must invest in network automation. Our products have helped numerous Fortune 100 companies start their network automation from scratch. And with AppViewX, you can start your NetOps automation journey too, today.

Here’s What’s New in AppViewX 12.2! | AppViewX Image

To enhance the automation experience for our customers, we are introducing the latest version of AppViewX 12.2.

In AppViewX’s Application Delivery Automation solution, we provide:

  • Extended Device version support for AVI network SLB – v16.4 and v17.1.2.
  • A Syslog-based configuration update such as Device flip and Primary/Secondary object configuration changes for F5 BIG-IP devices.
  • An enhanced dashboard to monitor the changes in real-time through a “Keep Alive” feature.
  • An eased software version upgrade with automatic rollback for F5 BIG-IP v11 and v12 through Visual Workflow (VW).

To learn more about the capabilities of the Application Delivery Automation solution, please click here.

In AppViewX’s Certificate Lifecycle Automation solution, we provide:

  • Support for Secure F5 Connector to push and protect the private key (associated with a SSL/TLS certificate) in an encrypted format.
  • Additional SSH based communication with supported web and application servers.
  • New private and public key matching to avoid certificate duplication and configuration related errors.
  • An enhanced Scripted CA module by using the logos of respective scripted CAs to make reporting and holistic views more useful.

For more information about our SSL certificate management, certificate expiry alerting and automated certificate provisioning capabilities, click here.

And, to learn how a media giant reduced their SSL/TLS certificate generation and deployment time by approximately 70% with AppViewX’s Certificate Lifecycle Automation solution, please visit this page.

In our SSH key management and Automation tool, we provide:

  • Enhanced host discovery by embedding the status of each host discovery attempt.
  • Enhanced the F5 device support with known_hosts file update capability and restricted the use of DSA keys on the device.
  • Added pre-requisite checks such as availability of user account before host addition to lower failure rates.
  • Made it easier to enable device selection and user association by completely redesigning the host’s (Client and Server) association to its key in the holistic view.

Learn more about other platform capabilities and also learn how your old SSH and PGP keys can be a threat to your business here.


  • Certificate Management
  • Network Automation
  • Network Security Automation

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