Compliance Policy Enforcement and Reporting

Automation to continuously meet compliance requirements and audits

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Maintaining compliance and meeting audit requirements is a challenge for most organizations

Significant Staff Burden

The need to continually validate controls and policies to meet internal, industry and regulatory compliance requirements puts a tremendous strain on IT and security resources.

Lack of Automation

Manual compliance and audit processes are inefficient, not repeatable and often inaccurate. This increases the time it takes to prepare for an audit and the likelihood of rework and additional audits.

Point in Time Audits

Because audits are just a point in time, manually validating a compliance audit once does not guarantee you are maintaining continuous compliance.

Cost of Failure

When a compliance audit fails, the organization could be subjected to more stringent audits and penalties that could impact business revenue and reputation.

Not meeting security, industry and regulatory compliance audits puts organizations at risk

Revenue Loss and Reputation Damage

Depending upon the industry or regulatory mandate, compliance violations may need to be publicly disclosed which could impact revenue and reputation of the business.

Compliance Penalties and Fines

Industry and regulatory mandates such as GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and others carry significant penalties and fines for compliance violations.

Security Weaknesses

Many compliance requirements emphasize security controls to protect the best interest of the company and its customers. Weak controls and non-compliance introduce risk.

Increased Audit Demands

Failed audits increase the need for additional internal and external audits which puts even more stress on staff resources and increases the cost of compliance auditing.

Automate compliance policy enforcement and reporting with AppViewX

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AppViewX CERT+

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AppViewX ADC+

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