IoT Device Security

Protect IoT devices in
ever-changing, untrusted environments

Weave security into your IoT fabric with digital identity management from AppViewX CERT+

Accelerated IoT Adoption Brings Unique Security Challenges

Lack of Visibility

IoT devices are largely distributed across the edge, outside the purview of the security perimeter, making it difficult to monitor and manage them.

Data Breaches

Device communications happen over insecure channels using weak authentication and encryption standards, risking data exposure.

Firmware or Software Corruption

The firmware or software is often tampered with during provisioning and upgrades, causing security breaches.


Different IoT devices running different and even outdated software versions lead to non-compliance issues.

Reimagine Security for IoT Devices with Digital Identity Management

Reliable PKI-based Device Authentication

Provision identities to IoT devices right off the assembly line or in the field to monitor and tamper-proof them throughout their lifecycle.

Secure Device Communication

Implement end-to-end data encryption with TLS protocol and renew symmetric and asymmetric keys to minimize the risk of data exposure and theft.

Software and Application Level Security

Follow code signing and firmware signing practices to prevent hackers from tampering with the device software or firmware.

Conditional Access and Compliance

Enforce a uniform PKI policy and conditional access to ensure all devices are running the latest, most secure software versions for data security and industry-standard compliance.

Protect Your IoT Devices Throughout their Lifecycle with End-to-End Device Identity Management from AppViewX CERT+

Explore the Products You Need for Digital Identity Management in IoT

AppViewX CERT+

A ready-to-consume, scalable, and efficient certificate lifecycle management (CLM) solution to effectively manage machine identities as an integral part of your cybersecurity strategy.


AppViewX PKI+

A turn-key, cloud-based, scalable, and highly secure PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS) solution integrated with Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) functionalities.


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