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Running Your Own Private PKI Creates Many Challenges

Deployment Complexities

Deploying PKI in-house is a complex undertaking involving procuring and maintaining hardware and software, designing the PKI and running highly available validation services such as OCSP.

High Total Cost of Ownership

Running an on-prem PKI is costly, including upfront investments for - FIPS compliant HSMs to secure key material, hiring skilled personnel to run operations and establishing secure physical facilities.

Lack of PKI Expertise

The PKI expertise and skill sets required for running a compliant in-house private PKI are difficult to find and hard to retain.

Limited Scalability & Availability

Scaling on-prem PKI to support growth and modern use cases requires extensive planning and additional resources, all of which are time, labor and cost-intensive. Ensuring high availability of on-prem PKI is also challenging.

The Costs, Complexities and Risks of Running PKI In-house Are Greater Than You Think

PKI Team Churn

Churn in PKI management teams leaves enterprises vulnerable with no one to manage the legacy in-house CA infrastructure. Offloading legacy operations to resource-constrained IT teams is a heavy burden.

Security Risks and Outages

In-house PKI lacks integrated certificate lifecycle management (CLM) and PKI policy enforcement. This can lead to mismanaged certificates, misconfigurations and the use of weak crypto standards – resulting in unexpected outages, cyberattacks and data breaches.

Failed Audits and Non Compliance

Legacy on-prem PKI that was deployed in the past may no longer be up to security standards. Forgoing best practices, like not using compliant HSMs to protect keys can lead to failed audits, compliance issues and critical security vulnerabilities.

Staff Resource Burdens

Operating an in-house infrastructure, especially long term, is a resource-intensive burden. Full time dedicated PKI staffing must perform ongoing operations, hardware provisioning, and refreshes and keep current with PKI industry and compliance standards.

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