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Deploying a code signing solution can be a challenge. You have to meet these requirements for a secure, scalable, and integrated solution.

Security and Access Management

Access to the code signing keys must be managed by the security teams. While the code signing keys must be protected, DevOps must be able to access the keys.

Performance and Agility

An enterprise code signing solution must be fast, and efficient, and support agile DevOps processes to keep the CI/CD pipeline moving while supporting security standards.

Seamless Integrations

Code signing needs to be built-in to DevOps processes making it to sign code directly in all CI/CD pipeline tools and platforms.

Code Integrity and Confidence

A code signing system should be deployed transparently for DevOps teams to ensure code integrity and software is delivered with confidence.

Insecure Code Signing Leads to DevOps Inefficiencies and Software Supply Chain Weaknesses

Security Vulnerabilities

Poor code signing practices can create software supply chain vulnerabilities and allow tampered code to be released – opening security vulnerabilities that can put users and customers at risk and damage to the company’s reputation.

Unauthorized Code Signing Certificates

Cybercriminals can get hold of unauthorized code signing certificates if the private keys certificates are not sufficiently protected. Attackers can pass off malware or malicious software as legitimate code by stealing a private code signing key.


Compliance issues arise due to manual code signing processes, and the presence of revoked or rogue certificates, leading to hefty penalties. Certificates usually go rogue, when they expire or are compromised due to weak crypto standards.

Low Productivity and Efficiency

Non-standard manual code signing leads to poor code signing and security practices, slows DevOps processes and code releases, creates errors, re-work and inefficiencies.

Make Code Signing Secure, Seamless, and Controlled with AppViewX SIGN+

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AppViewX SIGN+

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