SSH Key Lifecycle Management and Automation

AppViewX SSH+ is a one-stop solution for managing and automating SSH keys in an infrastructure. It enables teams to discover, create, provision, rotate, and secure SSH keys automatically while ensuring policy compliance across networks. It helps an enterprise enforce access controls and monitor key usage through a single console and prevent key misuse proactively. SSH+ can manage and automate SSH key’s lifecycle on a platform irrespective of its location, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Product Capabilities

and Inventory

Discover legitimate and rogue SSH keys installed in server and client devices. SSH+ categorizes each SSH key with necessary configuration information into an easy-to-use inventory that enables better management.

Holistic View
of Keys

Information from the inventory can be represented graphically with single-click actions that can be performed on selected keys. Use the same screen to add or delete host/client devices and push, download, rotate, or delete keys through available workflows.

Key Management

SSH keys can be created through industry-standard encryption algorithms and pushed to the required hosts automatically. Private keys are secured in an AES-256 encrypted database to prevent theft and misuse. SSH+ also helps terminate outdated SSH keys and provision new keys with minimal manual intervention.

Access Control
and Policy Management

Keys can be bundled into groups based on their functionality for easier management. Policies, including recommended cryptographic techniques and workflows, can be assigned to each key group to prevent vulnerable keys in the environment. SSH+ enables role-based access control (RBAC) to ensure access for appropriate teams while providing granular visibility into key groups to support efficient policy administration.

and Compliance

Monitor policy violations and unauthorized key usage with comprehensive auditing to meet compliance requirements and reduce security risks. Remediate vulnerabilities faster with information on key access history and suspicious changes, and reinforce the protection of sensitive data in the infrastructure.

Single Window
Terminal Access

Get direct access to all target systems on-premises or in the cloud from a single console. SSH+ replicates a SSH terminal within the application for all necessary operations to ensure seamless user experience and superior session tracking on all supported devices.

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