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What is PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS)?

A growing number of businesses are migrating critical components of their infrastructure, including Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), to the cloud. With potential significant cost savings and on-demand scalability, this is an appealing option. Setting up and scaling on-premises PKI is costly and complex from – upfront investment in hardware and software to dedicated PKI expertise and ongoing operations, maintenance, and upgrade requirements.

2023 EMA Report: SSL/TLS Certificate Security-Management and Expiration Challenges

PKI as-a-Service (PKIaaS) offers compliant managed PKI services via a cloud platform allowing enterprises to set up robust and secure private certificate authority (CA) hierarchies for issuing private trust certificates. There is no PKI expertise required and no hardware or software to buy or manage. A crucial benefit of PKIaaS is that the infrastructure and security of your enterprise PKI are handled as a cloud service by the solution provider, like AppViewX, allowing your team to concentrate on more critical aspects of your business.

AppViewX PKI as-a-Service (PKIaaS)

AppViewX PKI+ is a ready-to-consume, scalable, and compliant PKI-as-a-Service. PKI+ allows you to simplify and centralize your private PKI architecture and set up tailored custom CAs in minutes while meeting the highest standards of security and compliance.

AppViewX PKI+ combined with AppViewX CERT+ delivers both a modernized private PKI and end-to-end certificate lifecycle automation for provisioning private trust as well as public trust certificates from external CAs, all from a centralized console.

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