Release Policy

AppViewX engages in a continuous review process for its products to address the evolving cybersecurity landscape, increasing attacks, and new technology. As AppViewX drives innovation and advancement to suit customer business requirements, AppViewX regularly releases new versions of its software products. The following is the cadence and versioning system of upcoming software releases:

Major Release: AppViewX issues a major software release of its products when there are significant feature and functionality additions. AppViewX strives to issue one Major Release every year - in the middle of the year. The Major Release will be versioned as x.1 where x denotes the Major Release version.

Minor Releases: AppViewX may issue Minor Releases as and when needed. A Minor Release will be versioned as x.y where y denotes the Minor Release version on top of the Major Release x.1. AppViewX strives to ensure two Minor Releases will be done between two Major Releases.

Fix Packs: To provide security updates, critical bug fixes and small enhancements, AppViewX may release Fix Packs as per the field requirements. Fix Packs will be versioned as x.y-FPn where n is the Fix Pack number on top of release x.y.

Customers are advised to use the latest AppViewX software release. Updating the deployment to the latest Fix Pack of the release is important to cover for security vulnerabilities.

End of Life (EoL) Policy

Typically, all AppViewX software product releases will transition to the end of technical support (EoTS) after 18 months from the Release Date of the Major Release. The actual release date and EoTS date will be published in advance in the EoL notice on the AppViewX website (see below). The EoL notice will be continually updated. Customers should regularly check this website for updates. AppViewX disclaims liability for the customer's use after the EoL date.

Fix Packs on older releases will cease after the newer advance release is available. Critical security fixes may still be provided until the EoTS date.

Release Date - Indicates when the software version was released for general availability.

End of Technical Support (EoTS) - AppViewX will no longer accept technical support calls once the EoTS date has been passed for the Major Release version.

End of Life (EoL) Notice

AppViewX hereby announces the End of technical Support (EoTS) and effective End of Life (EoL) of the software versions listed in the table below. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for details on the applicable migration path and process for upgrades.

AppViewX recommends that customers upgrade to the latest version of the software as soon as possible. Though, customers with an active support contract will continue to receive technical support until the EoTS date marked in the table below.

Customers please note that AppViewX SaaS products allow for upgrades to the latest version without customer intervention–enabling nearly uninterrupted access to new features and updates.

AppViewX Software Version Status

Software Version Release Date End of Technical Support
2023.1 15 September 2023 31 December 2025
appviewx-istio-signer January 2021 30 September 2024
2022.1 15 June 2022 31 December 2024
2020.3 04 September 2020 30 June 2024
2021.1 20 September 2021 30 June 2023
2020.2.0 15 May 2020 30 June 2022
2020.1.0 14 February 2020 30 June 2022
January 2019 to July 2019 30 June 2022
May 2017 to November 2018 31 December 2021
November 2015 to July 2017 31 December 2021