Enterprise Identity Governance

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Gaining control of machine identities is challenging for enterprises

Lack of Certificate Visibility

Machine identities (digital certificates) vastly outnumber human identities across the enterprise. Most organizations struggle to gain complete visibility into these identities.

Manual Process Dependency

Many organizations are still attempting to manage certificates manually. This presents mistakes due to human error and makes auditing difficult – putting the organization at risk.

Identity Provisioning Oversight

Without control and standard processes for certificate provisioning, managing certificates across hybrid multi-cloud enterprise infrastructures becomes impossible.

Audit Compliance

Meeting compliance audits burdens IT and security teams. Producing reports to verify compliance is often a manual process that impacts productivity and produces inaccuracies.

Insufficient machine identity management creates critical cybersecurity and compliance risks

Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Undetected rogue certificates and weak keys leave organizations vulnerable to ransomware, phishing, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Unsecure Access

Expired certificates cause application outages and create security weaknesses that cyber attackers can exploit – leading to malicious actions, business disruption and data theft.

Crypto Policy Violations

When siloed security, DevOps and application teams do not follow standard certificate provisioning processes, enterprise security can be compromised.

Failed Compliance Audits

Compliance violations and failed audits lead to increasing costs, fines and penalties, potential reputational damage, and lost revenue.

Establish Enterprise Identity Governance and Administration with AppViewX CERT+

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AppViewX CERT+

A ready-to-consume, scalable, and efficient certificate lifecycle management (CLM) solution to effectively manage machine identities as an integral part of your cybersecurity strategy.


AppViewX PKI+

A turn-key, cloud-based, scalable, and highly secure PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS) solution integrated with Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) functionalities.


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