Application Delivery Automation


The AppViewX Platform helps Enterprise IT manage, automate and orchestrate application delivery services. Our Application Delivery Automation Solution provides an application-centric view into the state of the application delivery infrastructure running in multi-cloud environments. Application, network, and security engineers may self-service and initiate automation workflows that deliver compliance and true business agility.

Orchestrating Application Delivery in Multi-Cloud Environments

  • Abstract hardware, software, open source, and cloud solutions from end-users requesting application delivery services
  • Use business process to enforce how compliance is achieved in multi-cloud data centers
  • Orchestrate how GSLB, DNS, load-balancing, firewall, WAF, certificate, network, ITSM, and notification services are leveraged in the multi-cloud infrastructure
  • Integrate industry-leading ITSM and notification services into automation workflows
Solution Orchestrating Application Delivery in Multi Cloud Environments
Solution Application Centric Monitoring Automation and Troubleshooting

Application-Centric Monitoring, Automation, and Troubleshooting

  • Give application and operation teams a topology view of the application delivery infrastructure
  • Get better insights into application health, state, status, utilization and performance
  • Troubleshoot application outages with views of the infrastructure delivering the application
  • Give end-users the ability to self-service and launch automation from application-centric views

Integrating Network Infrastructure with DevOps

  • Expose network infrastructure services to DevOps tools like Ansible, Terraform, Chef, and Puppet 
  • Build repeatable and compliant infrastructure with workflows that map to your business process
  • Enable end-users to self-service and launch automation from application-centric views
  • Automate the ticketing and governance of DevOps service requests with ITSM tools
Solution Integrating Network Infrastructure with DevOps
Solution Optimizing Application Delivery Infrastructure

Optimizing Application Delivery Infrastructure

  • Enforce how configuration and policy are introduced into the application delivery infrastructure
  • Expose configuration and policy that is not being leveraged by the infrastructure
  • Automate how unused resources are returned back to the application delivery infrastructure


  • Enable common load-balancer and DNS service requests to be self-serviced by application and operation teams
  • Enforce how load-balancing and DNS is instrumented into the application delivery infrastructure
  • Minimize the operational expense of maintaining automation workflows when changing vendors or versions
  • Abstract vendor or version changes from end-users requesting load-balancing and DNS services
Solution LBaaS and DNSaaS
Solution Application Delivery Traffic Control

Application Delivery Traffic Control

  • Give application teams control over how traffic is delivered to the application
  • Prevent application traffic from overloading the data center or application servers
  • Route a percentage of traffic to infrastructure before completely switching over
  • Route and swing traffic between active and inactive environments


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