Rising Apps And The Need For Application Centric Observability

Over the last year COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation for businesses. Needless to say that cloud computing is one of the disruptive influences in datacenter networking. And application delivery services have not been immune to the impact of cloud. Over the years, traditional application delivery controllers have evolved from being appliance based, to virtual and now software defined form factors. 

There is increased focus on Application modernization and distributed applications especially with the adoption of hybrid Multi-cloud deployments which means:

  • A need for improved application availability, acceleration and performance
  • A need for a consistent multi-cloud approach for application delivery and security
  • A need for an agile, software defined approach to application delivery infrastructure beyond the confines of traditional on-premise data centers. 
  • A need for adopting a containers, microservices based approach that can offer flexibility, agility, and elasticity. 
  • A need for greater visibility and Observability in an application centric context 

With so much going on, let’s think for a bit and ask – what happens to the applications? 

  • How do we know how many applications are being served?
  • How do we measure the sheer scale of applications?
  • How will App teams monitor and understand the performance of the applications?

The key is do we have enough data and Insights? Are there platforms that can provide an application centric context to – Monitor, Troubleshoot and self-service applications – to the Line of Business. The answer is, yes.

AppViewX’s ADC is a vendor agnostic platform that enables NetOps and Application Teams to – self-service, manage, automate and Orchestrate application and security services. Once the devices are managed, ADC intelligently automates the entire service discovery and mapping process and provides a visual topological (bird’s eye) view of the application services. 

The Line of Business can gain application centric visibility all the way from the DNS to the Local Traffic Management to the underlying servers with pertinent insights into the application health SSL/TLS Insights and performance. Additionally application teams get to monitor and self-service their applications with an integrated change management mechanism, enabled by granular Role based access control. 

A policy based approach with integrated Telemetry ensures that the critical Device and application metrics are tracked near real-time and remediated with a closed-loop automation mechanism. Thereby, ensuring faster Mean time to Remediate (MTTR) and troubleshooting of application issues.

Rising Apps & the need for Application centric Observability

With the rise of Hybrid Multi-cloud environments, enterprises will have a growing need for increased application Observability with actionable Insights irrespective of the infrastructure on which they are running. And hopefully products and platforms that can ‘keep an eye’ to provide a birds eye view of the applications that can fulfill that need.

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