American Credit Card Giant Automates 400,000 LTM and DNS Service Requests a Year With ADC+

Client Information

The customer is a Fortune 500 financial services company in the US, specializing in credit cards. It has over 110 million customers worldwide.

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Business Challenges

As a leading provider of financial services, the company handles tens of thousands of transactions every day, most of which happens online. The company has thousands of application instances running in distributed data centers across the globe to support the huge traffic. Application teams continuously develop new applications and feature updates to deliver seamless customer service.

Each new application instance or upgrade requires a configuration change on the LTM and DNS devices, which lands into the NetOps pipeline as a service request.

  • NetOps teams received over ten thousand service requests a month on average. The requests included creating/modifying/deleting VIPs, WIPs, and DNS records, enabling/disabling pools for server rotations, creating configuration items in ServiceNow, generating performance and resource utilization reports, etc.
  • NetOps engineers had to resolve each service request manually. Manually resolving a service request at any given time took up to 10 days, owing to long backlogs.
  • There were no standardized workflows for the above processes. NetOps engineers scripted different workflows for the same process, leading to inconsistencies and compliance issues

Solutions Delivered by ADC+

AppViewX ADC+ provided out-of-the-box solutions that helped NetOps teams standardize, automate, and orchestrate service requests end-to-end.

  • With ready-to-use workflows, NetOps teams could automate all repetitive service requests and resolve them in minutes as opposed to days, doing away with busywork.
  • App owners could self-service tasks such as enabling/disabling pool members for blue-green/canary deployments and server rotation within the change window by triggering pre-built workflows with RBAC.
  • Since workflows were templated, all NetOps engineers and app owners followed a standardized procedure to execute any task, such as creating a VIP or modifying a DNS record.

Business Benefits

The company began using ADC+ in 2017.

  • With automation and self-servicing, the number of service requests that the company could handle within the same period grew dramatically. It automated around 400,000 service requests a year.
  • Automation cleared backlogs and accelerated service delivery. The time required to process a service request fell from days to minutes.
  • Time saved with automation and resource optimization resulted in the company saving $20 million annually.


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