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How can I manage PKIs for IoT?

Digital certificates do not ensure security by themselves — their efficacy depends on how well they’re managed. In-house PKI management is not a viable option for IoT devices owing to their sheer number. A factory could easily be using thousands of IoT devices, and managing their certificates in-house levies an unnecessary strain on resources. Moreover, even one expired or compromised certificate left neglected can wreak havoc on the whole network, leading to outages and potentially hidden rampant attacks.

Buyer’s Guide for PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS)

Managed PKI solutions offer end-to-end automation of certificates and keys, regardless of their numbers or where they’re stored (HSMs, local file systems, etc.). They routinely scan your networks for certificates, provide a comprehensive report of their status, and send immediate alerts in case they detect an anomaly rising out of an expired or compromised certificate.

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