Certificate Lifecycle Automation

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The AppViewX Platform helps enterprise IT manage and automate the entire lifecycle of their internal and external PKI. Our Certificate Lifecycle Management and Automation Solution provides extensive visibility into the certificate and encryption key infrastructure which helps protect the enterprise from threats to the business. Application, network, and security engineers may self-service and initiate automation workflows that deliver compliance and true business agility.

Solution Discovery and Visibility

Discovery and Visibility

  • Discover unknown certificates and keys across heterogeneous environments
  • Group certificates and keys and enforce policy
  • Monitor status, get notifications, and renew certificates before expiration
  • Get a holistic view of the certificate, including chain of trust and where installed

Low-code Certificate Lifecycle Automation

  • Build custom, event-driven automation using pre-built tasks and workflows
  • Integrate with ITSM tools for ticketing and governance or send email and Slack messages
  • Expose a catalog of service requests for certificate lifecycle management
  • Enable self-service to automation workflows with user-friendly forms
Solution Low-Code Certificate Lifecycle Automation
Solution Cloud and DevOps

Cloud and DevOps

  • Push or pull certificates from applications and infrastructure with DevOps tools like Ansible, Terraform, Chef, and Puppet
  • Use internal certificates for test before migrating to external certificates in production
  • Discover, manage and automate certificate lifecycles across multi-cloud and container environments
  • Request certificates and provision to cloud key stores using a common interface

Secure Key Management

  • Store private keys in an AES-256 bit encrypted database or a FIPS 140-2 certified HSM
  • Use a built-in or third-party password vault for protecting device credentials
  • Use automation workflows to push certificates and keys to multiple devices
  • Schedule or provide on-demand, time-bound, privileged access to users
Solution Certificate and Key Compliance

Certificate and Key Compliance

  • Standardize certificate provisioning using simple, self-serviceable automation workflows
  • Define granular role-based access control and enforce business-specific policies
  • Create audit trails for each user and certificate or key-related activity
  • Share certificate and key compliance statistics and reports

IoT and Mobile End-Points

  • Expose a single proxy for SCEP, ACME, and KMIP requests from IoT end-points
  • Integrate with mobile device management systems
  • Standardize certificate management across laptop, SSO, Wi-Fi and VPN systems
  • Use out-of-box integration with vendors to handle certificate enrollment for all end-points
Solution IoT and Mobile End-Points
Solution SSH Low Level Solution

SSH Key Lifecycle Automation

  • Discover and map SSH keys to devices, servers, and user accounts in the cloud and on-premise
  • Enforce expiration dates and delete outdated keys
  • Rotate keys with simple low-code automation workflows
  • Monitor SSH sessions and terminate them on-demand


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