Its Festive Season. Handle Your Application Traffic With Care

It’s Thanksgiving week, Turkey time…

Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. It is time for some serious shopping.  That time of the year where consumers flock to online stores to get some good discounts across categories on their favorite products. 

From a pre-pandemic era when people waited anxiously outside the retail stores, to a post-pandemic trend of staying indoors and shopping online, the shift in digital transformation is palpable.

Let’s Checkout Some Numbers

2020 saw a record-breaking year for online shopping: 100 million consumers shopped online (up 8% YoY). There was a significant drop in in-person Black Friday shopping — 58.7 million hit the stores on Black Friday (down 37% YoY) (Source: NRF 2020 data)

Black Friday 2020 raked in $14.13 billion in online sales. That is $9.03 billion spent on Black Friday and $5.1 billion spent on Thanksgiving. A 19% increase over 2019. (Source: Adobe Analytics)

The increased traffic during this holiday season can be a double-edged sword. While these numbers certainly look great for businesses in terms of revenue, it has its share of challenges with most things going digital, especially on their infrastructure. The availability and performance of online applications is imperative, given the surge in traffic and online attacks. 

Infrastructure bottlenecks can pose risks not only to the reliability and security of applications but to the entire organization. The last thing any business needs is dissatisfied customers and loss of brand value owing to lack of application availability and security. 

Businesses should consider investing in best practices to avoid application issues:

  1. Robust cybersecurity and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  2. A robust, scalable digital infrastructure to handle surge in traffic
  3. Integrated application delivery and security 
  4. Automation

Explore how AppViewX’s ADC+ and CERT+ can help address some of these challenges around application delivery and securing digital identities.

Application Traffic and The Role of ADCs

With growing demand for modernized applications, the role of load balancers is critical in terms of ensuring improved application response, performance, security and availability. From being legacy hardware/appliance based, to virtual ADC’s, to a software defined form factor, the evolution of ADC’s over the years is hard to miss. The key advantages being lower total cost of ownership (TCO), elasticity and high availability of applications.

In an application centric world, the need for robust application delivery and security is paramount. Ensuring operational consistency and agility in provisioning where application teams and DevOps can self-service and enable rapid application deployment in a repeatable manner is key.

AppViewX’s ADC is a multi-vendor, multi-cloud platform for NetOps and Application Teams to – self-service, manage, automate and Orchestrate application and security services. 

  • Platform: Single platform for secure and consistent Multi-cloud Application delivery
  • Orchestration: Centralized orchestration for faster delivery of application and security
  • Observability: Application layer observability, SSL/TLS insights to monitor, troubleshoot application issues.
  • Self-servicing for Line of Business: Repeatable application deployment for app teams, DevOps and NetOps through self-service automation catalog.

Managing Digital Identities with CERT+

Diligent certificate management helps avoid issues like expiry and invalidity, which leave users open to attacks and system downtime. 

The AppViewX Next-Gen Machine Identity Automation platform simplifies PKI and certificate lifecycle management (CLM) operations to bring agility in teams so that they can focus on business innovation and growth. End-to-end automation of PKI and CLM processes eliminates manual delays and errors, reduces the operational burden, and makes the entire process agile.

Want to know how AppViewX can help?

With AppViewX CERT+, enterprises can quickly set up their internal root certificate authority  (CA) as well as issuing CAs without making any upfront investment in costly hardware or complicated processes, or cumbersome PKI operations. CLM in CERT+ simplifies all certificate operations between CA and applications where certificates are used.

This festive season, stay safe and secure and don’t let your application be a complete turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!


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