Four Ways to Avoid Application Outages and Save Your Network

According to Gartner 2019 Strategic Roadmap for Networking, “By 2023, to enhance agility and reduce downtime, more than 60% of data center networking operational activities will be automated, up from 30% today.” Strong networks are key to enabling digital success. From the retail to the financial services to the banking industry, applications are quickly becoming the driving force behind businesses.

The most important aspect of every network is availability. Network outages pose a huge risk to a business, and without application network visibility, NetOps leaders are forced to spend hours on troubleshooting. When your network goes down, it directly impacts your business. You must find a more efficient way to manage and monitor your application delivery infrastructure.

What are the challenges you face most when it comes to network troubleshooting?
Is it,

  1. Lack of application perspective/visibility?
  2. Lack of collaboration across teams?
  3. Inaccurate manual network maps?
  4. The amount of time it takes to troubleshoot using CLI?

Regardless of which problem plagues your team most, now is the time to find a better way.

Need for Application-Centric Visibility and Automation

In-house solutions can become unwieldy when there are more than just a handful of network devices to manage. Advanced network automation like AppViewX supports NetOps with much more than just automation to prevent costly outages. Today the platform offers full application visibility along with the controls needed to properly implement them.

When users are working on enterprise-scale deployments that include a mixture of multi-vendor devices, AppViewX helps to control the process by offering greater insight into the inner workings of your application infrastructure. With complete application visibility, you can ensure essential applications are available and operating as they should be.

The AppViewX Way

Effective management and monitoring starts with a single comprehensive view of the application delivery infrastructure that ultimately allows NetOps leaders to avoid downtime, as explained in this guide. Adopted by multiple top financial institutions, AppViewX gives NetOps leaders the end-to-end visibility they need to maintain a solid application network. Here are four ways how AppViewX efficiently addresses application outages across complex network infrastructure.

1. Live Topology Mapping

Maintaining a clear view of your application delivery infrastructure is key to proper management of that infrastructure. AppVision module in AppViewX generates an application-centric view of all of the resources/devices associated with the particular application. The system dynamically creates a topology view of your application delivery infrastructure commonly referred to as Inframaps.

2. Custom Dashboards

The Dashboard module in the AppViewX platform makes things easier by enabling the user to manage, monitor, and interpret all the configured applications and their objects. It generates a customized view so users can just log-in and view their own applications.

3. Faster Troubleshooting

The Tshoot utility is a single touch troubleshooting and monitoring tool included in AppVision that enables network engineers to identify and remediate network issues (such as CPU spike, firewall port block, or ping checks) at a device or object level. It is configured and defined for an application using the CLI commands, scripts, and custom monitors.

4. Self-Servicing

Maintaining a clear view of your application delivery infrastructure is key to proper Lack of standardized processes, holistic automation methodology and overall collaboration are the common reasons for troubleshooting delays. The AppViewX Platform provides granular object-level, role-based access control and visual workflows enabling end-users to self-service and launch automation from application-centric views and dashboards. With granular access, one can define what a user can and cannot do by enabling or disabling functionalities, triggering a workflow, and accessing devices or individual objects.

Interest to learn more? Download the guide, Avoid Application Downtime Across Data Centers or watch the webinar, Minimize Outage Exposures and Troubleshoot Faster with Automation to efficiently save your network from costly outages.


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