Get Visibility and Insight into Your Application Landscape with AppViewX ADC+

Modern enterprises run complex and multifaceted application environments – ranging from legacy systems that still support core business processes, to newer web-centric components, to the latest cloud-native applications, built using advanced technologies and continuous delivery methods. The health and performance of all these applications are of paramount importance to application owners, and companies invest in countless tools to help collect all types of metrics and data to try and keep their systems running without fail.

The problem is that with so many different types of applications, there often isn’t a single pane of glass where teams can monitor their status, see how they are responding to changing traffic conditions, or diagnose and remediate performance problems. So, even though the tools are plentiful, organizations often find themselves in the dark, not knowing even how many applications they have, which networks support them, and where the bottlenecks are.

AppViewX ADC+ offers visibility into applications’ health and performance, allowing application owners and Infrastructure and Operations leaders to get a complete, app-centric view of their systems’ topology, across all vendors and platforms. AppViewX removes the complexity from managing the diverse application landscape by giving NetOps and applications teams the ability to self-service – triggering visual workflows to take stock of application status, alert of any problems, and take remedial steps when needed. AppViewX workflows can be made a part of the DevOps automation pipeline, and are integrated with the ITSM change management process to keep track of any changes and demonstrate compliance during audits.

The AppViewX ADC+ Control Center acts as a network operations hub, where teams can locate specific applications, and perform necessary actions, such as changing load balancing ratios, clearing active connections, server rotation, configuring backup systems prior to pushing changes, etc. using role-based access rules.

A library of built-in application and traffic management reports give a unified, holistic, application-centric view based on real-time telemetry, alerting application teams of any deviations.

Real-time dashboard offers a complete view of your applications

You can filter and search for specific applications

Get detailed information about any object on your network, including relationships with other objects

See how AppViewX ADC+ can be the light-bearer to your application landscape. Get a guided product tour from our experts.


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  • Application Delivery Automation
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