Three Ways to Ensure Compliance for Complex Network Infrastructure

Today, every organization is undergoing digital transformation. Digitalization has changed the way the network is being managed. Network leaders have to respond to a flux of changes and ensure changes are compliant to standards. Key to this is using the right tool to simplify management of enterprise IT, reduce errors and deploy services efficiently.

Many tools in the market may provide a partial solution to server compliance management but not the changes to network infrastructure. A few solutions support infrastructure components but fail to provide prebuilt templates, change management or remediation capabilities. The problem with configuration compliance management is in three areas: configuration complexity, lack of visibility and increasing regulatory standards.

Adopted by many Fortune large enterprises, the AppViewX platform fully understands the impacts of network errors and changes. Here, we will explain three ways network leaders can ensure compliance.

1) Automation Workflows

The AppViewX platform provides a workflow-centric solution to automate, track and report network changes and ensures that they are compliant with defined policies. The intuitive user interface allows creating simple or complex workflows with pre-validation and post validation checks. User can define a rollback workflow that must be triggered when a workflow fails while execution.

2) Diff Checker for Configuration Compliance

The Diff checker in AppViewX allows creating easy workflows to compare configurations of network devices. It provides a side-by-side comparison of configuration files in a single view. And, also it highlights the configurations that are added, modified or deleted in different color codes.

3) Application Visibility and Faster Troubleshooting

The application topology view in AppViewX provides a network map of the application delivery infrastructure with complete hierarchy. It allows application and network teams to gain visibility into the application delivery infrastructure which helps to troubleshoot any application-related issues faster. Users can launch automation workflows during any outages.

Download the solution guide, “Ensure Network Configuration Compliance and Automate Remediation with AppViewX” to learn more about the ways to tackle the challenges in enforcing compliance, the need for an automation solution for configuration drift management and how the AppViewX platform ensures compliance and automate remediation.


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