The Network Engineer Enlightenment Series

Being a network engineer is hard.

You could be the ones working the longest hours on tasks that could make or break an enterprise’s backbone (which is precisely what networks are), but compared to the more “glamorous” roles of, say an application developer, your jobs aren’t all that interesting.

You wake up to a flood of tickets every morning, consisting of tasks that could eat up your workday whole.

You’re the go-to guy for every issue, however minor, that could possibly be blamed on the network (like the poor Firewall Guy above)

You spend sleepless nights during events like a server upgrade or a DR drill.

But more often than not, it’s not the job itself that’s dull; the way you do it makes a world of difference.

As a platform that provides network automation and orchestration tools to make the lives of network engineers a little easier, we’ve come up with some relatable rants based on our customers’ experience. And yes, they all have a “happily ever after” ending, courtesy of AppViewX. Read on to find out if they strike a chord with you:

Part 1: The Pain of Application Provisioning and How to Alleviate it

Learn how you can run the gauntlet of updating DNS records, creating VIPs, opening firewall ports, and more in a matter of mere minutes.

Part 2: How to Dramatically Bring Down Application Disable/Enable Tickets

Break free from spending countless hours on a simple application disable/enable activity and delegate instead. Learn how.


  • ADC Automation
  • Application Delivery Automation
  • Network Infrastructure Automation
  • Network Security Automation

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