Introducing SSH Key Management and More in AppViewX v11.3

Enterprises are finding it very challenging to keep pace with today’s changing technology. With our new v11.3 release, AppViewX helps accelerate application delivery by moving faster, eliminating errors, and reducing costs.

AppViewX v11.3 introduces SSH key management, securing remote access to data centers and enabling enterprises to effectively mitigate risk and ensure compliance. Every enterprise goes through a difficult process to generate, push and rotate multiple SSH keys. AppViewX’s SSH key lifecycle automation solution simplifies SSH key management.

Introducing SSH Key Management and More in AppViewX v11.3 | AppViewX Image

AppViewX’s SSH key management gives users the option to create keys with different encryption methods and bit lengths. It allows the discovery of SSH and PGP keys on demand in managed devices, IP range, and subnet, and it provides a holistic view of all devices and associated keys in an environment. The keys can be pushed, rolled back, or rotated with a single click. The user rights and accountability of each key can be managed with ease using role-based access control.

The increasing number of change requests that result from a strategy of adopting multiple firewall vendors leaves networks vulnerable. AppViewX makes it easy to automate security policies across multiple vendors by constantly updating the vendors supported.

The release extends support to F5 Application Firewall Manager (AFM|v11.5.3-12.0), a network-layer firewall. It helps users view and search security policies on the configured devices. Users can design, deploy and optimize security policies with ease.

AppViewX v11.3 also supports F5 Application Security Manager (ASM|v11.5.3-v12.0), a layer 7 firewall that protects enterprises from web-based attacks and ensures security in virtual servers on devices. With AppViewX, users can add, modify, and manage security policies for F5 ASM.

Squid Proxy is now part of our vendor portfolio for the Network Security Automation solution. Squid is a caching proxy for the web, supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and more. AppViewX gives the user the ability to view and search for a proxy list and its associated rules configured on the devices. Users can now backup and restore all configurations on Squid Proxy.

AppViewX v11.3 also extends support to Brocade vADCs, while providing continued support to existing partners, such as A10 Networks, Akamai, Avi Networks, Citrix, F5 Networks, and Radware.

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