Secure DevOps PKI Orchestration In A Multi-Cloud Enterprise

One of the primary challenges that enterprises encounter with automation has been a lack of collaboration and an Integrated approach across teams. DevOps, PKI, Network Security team alike have, for long, operated in silos.

Modern enterprises rely on multi-vendor, multi-cloud networks to support their applications; which in turn rely on digital certificates to provide authentication and ensure secure communication between users and devices. At a small scale, it could be done manually, using spreadsheets and homegrown tools; but at an enterprise level, dealing with thousands of connected devices can quickly become overwhelming. 

Not only do the tasks of issuing, distributing, renewing and revoking of digital certificates consume all available time and resources, manual processes often lead to errors, which can cost enterprises millions in lost productivity and reputational damages. 


With large scale Digital Transformation, Modernised and distributed applications, enterprises need Agility in shipping applications fast. Agility and DevOps go hand in hand. The role of DevOps has significantly increased in terms of delivering new features to the market; build and deliver applications .However, with speed comes additional security risks. DevOps is a critical part of the larger Security puzzle. 

Buyer’s Guide for PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS)

Security teams often lack governance, have little or no visibility around certificates and Keys, code signing, encryption across DevOps environments. While DevOps teams may not want to spend their time managing Certificates, but they still have a role to play in terms of ensuring security as part of their daily functions such as:

  1. Provisioning SSL/TLS certificates for Network devices, servers (Load balancers, Firewalls etc)
  2. Issuance, Revocation, Renewal of certificates 
  3. Gain Visibility into the certificate lifecycle management process
  4. An Integrated PKI approach for Code and Container Orchestration

DevOps PKI Orchestration

How can DevOps support continuous application delivery without compromising the integrity of the enterprise digital certificate infrastructure? 

A robust Automation and Orchestration framework can help establish consistent and repeatable PKI management practices, while removing organizations’ reliance on manual processes. The PKI orchestration can be fully integrated into the DevOps pipeline, powered by intuitive workflows that are application-aware and work across vendor ecosystems, in a hybrid/multi-cloud environment. An integrated automation approach eliminates manual, time consuming processes; and facilitates a streamlined process for Digital certificates across the pipeline.

AppViewX’s Service Orchestration and Automation Platform integrates with a variety of DevOps tools as part of the continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline such as – Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Terraform and Third party vault vendors. 

A case in point where AppViewX Integrates with Openshift, Jenkins and CERT+ to enable application teams to provision their apps and provision Certificates.

  • AppViewX offers a multi-cloud service orchestration and automation platform to help accelerate deployments via CI/CD pipeline and secure apps on Openshift
  • The proposed solution will enable faster delivery of services that includes provisioning of applications using RedHat Openshift, securing keys with any vendor HSM (Thales DpoD, Fortanix et al) , and end-to-end automation of keys and certificates.
  • Integrating with the AppViewX CERT+ Platform allows for broader visibility, control and governance over the certificate infrastructure, which helps prevent outages caused by expired or vulnerable SSL/TLS certificates.


Security isn’t just limited to specific teams and instead needs to be on top of every developer’s mind as they build, test and release new features. Organizations must embrace a DevSecOps culture where security is an integral part of everyone’s job in order to deliver applications and services faster, securely.

Do you want to manage your machine identities better?


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