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COVID-19, now a full-blown pandemic, has affected not just the lives of thousands of people, but global business too. In a commendable effort to contain the spread of the malignant virus, companies around the world are asking their employees to work from home. This move, however, puts a strain on productivity, especially in domains that involve collaboration and fieldwork, like sales, business development, etc. But again, companies have stepped up and provided their employees with all the means to collaborate remotely, vis-a-vis a wide range of online productivity tools.

Meanwhile, how does the company itself function? How does it make sure its applications are up and running? Because now so more than ever, with travel restrictions in place, both employees and customers are heavily reliant on web-based applications to conduct their day-to-day business transactions. In such a scenario, it’s imperative that applications be highly available all the time to enable the smooth functioning of business, wherever the stakeholders are.

The team responsible for the task of keeping applications up and running, the NetOps team, would be no exception to the curfew. They’re also the ones hit the hardest by it; the underlying application services and network infrastructure, which includes ADCs, firewalls, routers, and switches, conventionally need to be managed by individually logging into each of them and manually executing the tasks. Sometimes, if there’s an issue like a server overload or a DNS resolution error that may cause application downtime, network engineers are expected to collaborate with the application owners to get it fixed.

Whatever the case, the network requires its engineers and administrators to be present physically on the premises, to manage it, and resolve issues that arise in it. But at a time when stepping out of their homes could jeopardize the lives of themselves and their peers, how can the NetOps team conduct their operations remotely, while making sure application availability and smooth network management and functioning aren’t compromised?

Introducing AppViewX ADC+, the intuitive network management, automation, and orchestration platform. It provides real-time network monitoring, context-aware troubleshooting, auto-remediation, and self-servicing capabilities. All you have to do is log-in to the platform from wherever you are; you can monitor and manage applications across on-premise, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments and their underlying infrastructure (made up of devices from multiple vendors), from a single pane of control.

How does automation make remote network management easy? Let’s say there’s a sudden surge in traffic to a particular application. To handle this surge, more instances of the application need to be available, or else end-users will experience slowness when they try accessing the application. Creating new instances entails spinning up VIPs. The network engineer need to log in to their IPAM system to get an available IP address, log in to the load balancer to spin-up the VIP, manually test the configuration, raise a change request ticket, get it approved, and finally push the configuration – a multi-step process that requires the engineers on-site and can easily take a day or two.

With ADC+, the entire process is automated. All you have to do is build the workflow once with the drag-and-drop visual workflow studio; you can deploy it whenever you want, from wherever you are, with just a click. The orchestration engine does all the busywork and gives you the desired result, so you don’t have to be physically present to log in to each device individually, write lines of code, and manually execute the required tasks.

With ADC+, you can rest assured your applications and network are in the pink of health at any given time, while you and your colleagues remain so yourselves in your respective homes.

To know more, visit the ADC+ product page, or book a demo with our experts.

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