AUTOMATION+ helps Enterprise IT manage, automate, and orchestrate application delivery and network security services. AUTOMATION+ provides an application-centric view into the state of application delivery and network security infrastructures running in multi-cloud environments. Application, network, and security engineers can build and self-service automation workflows to enable compliance and true business agility

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Network Infrastructure

  • Automate the lifecycle of your ADC devices and security services.
  • Leverage our multi-vendor ecosystem of technology partners.
  • Minimize operational expense when upgrading your network infrastructure.
  • Make it easier to troubleshoot application outages due to changes made in your network infrastructure.


  • Automate your network infrastructure business processes.
  • Design workflows using our library of tasks supporting our multi-vendor ecosystem of technology partners.
  • If needed, create and maintain your own tasks.
  • Expose the workflows to roles who are allowed to launch automation.


  • Give your teams the ability to launch automated workflows.
  • Simplify self-service with user-friendly forms.
  • Expose your automated workflows to programmers who can self-serve via REST APIs.

Granular RBAC

  • Define your own roles.
  • Leverage AD, LDAP, and RADIUS identity systems.
  • Control how roles are allowed to use our automation solutions as well as build and execute automation workflows.
  • Use our integration with leading privilege access management solutions to secure device credentials.


  • Give your teams a topology view of the infrastructure and services supporting the application.
  • Get better insights into the configuration, state, and performance.
  • Trouble-shoot more effectively.
  • Launch automation from application-centric views.

Context Aware

  • See the configuration, state, and performance of your infrastructure.
  • See the changes in the network infrastructure supporting the application.
  • Trigger automated workflows based on changes in the network infrastructure.
  • Initiate automated workflows from context-rich and actionable dashboards.


  • Leverage the automation tasks and workflows that we maintain and support for our ecosystem of technology partners.
  • Support different versions of their solutions.
  • Give your teams a multi-vendor and application centric view of the infrastructure and services supporting the application.


  • Execute your automated workflows in public cloud, private cloud, software-defined, and hardware environments.
  • Automate cloud and software-defined infrastructure in the same way as your legacy hardware infrastructure.

Scalable, Distributed,
and Modular

  • Support thousands of users using our platform.
  • Build automation workflows for ALL of your devices.
  • Cluster the AppViewX Platform for additional performance and scale.
  • Add new support for technology partners without bringing down the platform.


Application Delivery

  • Orchestrating Application Delivery in Multi-Cloud Environments
  • Application-Centric Monitoring, Automation, and Troubleshooting
  • Integrating Network Infrastructure with DevOps
  • Optimizing Application Delivery Infrastructure
  • LBaaS AND DNSaaS
  • Application Delivery Traffic Control

Network Security

  • Orchestrating Network Security In Multi-Cloud Environments
  • Security Monitoring, Automation, and Troubleshooting
  • Integrating Network Security with DevOps
  • Optimizing Network Security Infrastructure
  • FWaaS AND WAFaaS
  • Security Policy Automation