Reduce Change Implementation Time by Automating Manual Tasks

Automation—one of the biggest use cases for most organizations today—has a lot to do with customization and innovation. AppViewX allows creation of customized cookie-cutter, template-based forms, which can be given out to end users and application teams. The requester can log in through either AppViewX or a remote application to enter the requested information. This is then forwarded to the Python code present in the template to run the logic and generate the configuration automatically, without any manual intervention. It also has an built-in workflow system that ensures approvals need to be in place before the configuration is either pushed manually or automatically within a scheduled window.

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Our case studies have revealed that the automation aspect of AppViewX has ensured that more that 80 percent of all configuration changes are now automated. As an added benefit, this has also reduced manual configuration errors and provided the concerned engineers a lot more time to focus on other important issues.

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