Network Automation Webinar Series 2019

The successful digital enterprises of tomorrow will be the ones that plan for the future today by adopting the right network automation solution. Achieving agility, optimizing costs and enforcing compliance are the key challenges faced by network teams and also are the primary drivers of network automation. Introducing automation reduce much of the manual network configuration that slows service delivery and exposes teams to errors.

Enterprises have realized that adopting network automation is key to data center agility. The challenge is to understand how to build a successful automation journey. Automation is ongoing to process and not just small tasks. We need to iterate more tasks, automate complex tasks, troubleshooting and so on. Beyond automating minor tasks, we need a strong automation plan and a platform to build a truly digital business. There are various stages in the automation journey such as network configuration change automation, orchestration, policy-based automation, and intent-based networking.

Join us for the upcoming webinar series to learn how your organization can evolve through the journey of network automation. We focused on curating on the best practices and learnings from our various interrogations with network experts in this webinar series. Join us to share your story. Even if you cannot make, sign up here and we’ll send you the recording.

Network Automation 101: Where to Begin | July 31, 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET

From automatically generated device configurations to automatic failure remediation, automation benefits are compelling. In the first webinar, we will discuss the basics of network automation, how to implement a step-by-step incremental approach and introduce low-code automation solutions.


Network Automation 102: Automate Your Network | August 28, 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET

Multiple stakeholders and complex steps are involved in delivering network services. Automating across the network stack is the next challenge. In the second webinar, we will discuss automating networks with a low-code platform, how to design simple and complex automation workflows across multi-vendor and hybrid infrastructure and benefits of network automation.


Network Automation 103: Orchestrate Your Infrastructure | September 25, 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET

Automation applied to only one particular task has limited value to the enterprise. Creating a truly agile enterprise requires combining multiple automation tasks to provision the network, firewalls, hypervisor, certificates, application, and so on. In the third webinar, we will discuss more how to automate network infrastructure business processes, orchestrate complex workflows that require many devices and tasks, and multiple approvals.



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