NetOps Automation: Here’s How to Get Started

The widespread digital transformation is requiring businesses to be dynamic and adapt to changes quickly. Organizations must ensure all IT initiatives (existing and new) are aligned to drive business value. This requires rethinking their approach to people, process and technology and striving for more agile infrastructure over a stable and controlled delivery alone. If done right, this evaluation process typically leads to the adoption of the hybrid infrastructure or the use of NetOps automation and other more modern approaches.

While all IT teams are tasked with preforming with more agility, NetOps – the team responsible for application delivery – often feel the most pressure to adapt in this age of rapid digital transformation.

Muralidharan Palanisamy, EVP and CTO at AppViewX, discusses the NetOps transformation in detail in the webinar “Start your NetOps Automation Journey”. In this webinar, he offers a step-by-step approach to kick starting an enterprises automation journey.

Key highlights of the webinar:

  • Rethink IT value in the digital age
  • Path toward NetOps transformation
  • Need for novel skills
  • What is NetOps automation?
  • The evolution toward NetOps automation
  • The step-by-step approach one should take to implement automation

With vast changes happening across applications and infrastructures, organizations must consider the benefits that advances in IT will bring—specifically how NetOps transformation directly impacts the agility of application delivery infrastructure.

As Murali explains, “There is no one strategy for automation. It is very specific to each organization. You must identify and embrace a flexible solution that works best for your organization.”
Watch the full webinar to learn how organizations can strategically approach NetOps transformation and successfully start the automation journey.


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  • NetOps Automation
  • Network Automation

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