Automate ADC Deployments to Deliver Applications Faster

Applications are core to most business operations today, and application teams are churning out apps like never before to address changing business needs. Enterprises, in particular, are struggling to make these applications production-ready after application development. Applications in an enterprise-grade environment need to be able to scale to handle traffic from hundreds or thousands of users, and they demand high availability.

Application delivery controllers (ADC) are leveraged to ensure high availability, security, reliability, and performance, and they have changed the way the applications are provisioned now. ADC deployment impacts application delivery because making an application production-ready depends on how quickly an ADC can be configured for it. Yet it often takes more than a week to implement the necessary configurations to deploy a new application or modify an existing one. Enterprises are addressing multiple challenges, such as limited collaboration among application teams and network teams, lack of automation, and manual deployment methods that delay application delivery.

AppViewX platform can solve these challenges with its advanced automation and orchestration capabilities. The Application Provisioning System (APS), a subsystem of AppViewX’s Application Delivery Automation solution, abstracts application infrastructure and business applications to automate changes, and then provisions them once they are approved. APS leverages best-in- class automation and orchestration methodologies to ensure faster application deployments in brownfield and greenfield environments. It enables self-service and automates the creation and modification of virtual IPs though simple, self-service forms. Application teams simply fill out a self-service form that is created and approved by the network team.

This solution is supported across multiple ADC vendors (A10 Networks, Akamai, Avi Networks, Brocade, Citrix, Radware, F5 Networks) and is integrated with ITSM systems (ServiceNow, BMC Remedy) and DDI systems (BIND, InfoBlox, Nokia VitalQIP) to ensure fast implementation.

To learn how you can automate the creation and modification of virtual IPs (VIPs), download the white paper Application Delivery Through Automation.


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