AppViewX joins hands with PrimeKey to create integrated PKI Management Solutions

We’re officially announcing a joint partnership between AppViewX Inc. and PrimeKey Solutions AB, two global leaders in the PKI and PKI management space. With this initiative, AppViewX CERT+ and PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise will demonstrate deep and complete integration with each other, providing a seamless experience on which PKI and certificate infrastructures can be managed from a single platform.

The integration will leverage the industry-leading capabilities of both platforms: EJBCA Enterprise’s expertise as a Certificate Authority, Validation Authority, and Registration Authority, and the extensive PKI management suite of CERT+. The unification of these platforms will give users heightened visibility into their PKI and network, as well as end-to-end control over their organizations’ certificate processes.

The integration will enable users to secure keys, automate PKI operations, and enforce policies across their entire network from a single console. Our partnership is geared towards three motives:

  • To provide PKI Administrators with 100% transparency and control over their network.
  • To diminish outages, downtime, and security lapses caused by PKI mismanagement.
  • To eliminate the latency and disconnect between the PKI vendor and the management system.

Read more about the AppViewX-PrimeKey joint solution here.

AppViewX creates end-to-end certificate lifecycle and network management solutions for DevOps and SecOps teams, and is the leading provider of such systems to organizations across every vertical. The AppViewX platform enables the automation and orchestration of network infrastructure using an intuitive, context-aware, visual workflow. It is closed-loop and state-aware, capable of verifying that intent has been achieved and providing actionable insights and automated remediation.


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