4 Reasons Why Enterprises Should Adopt PKI-as-a-Service

In the second quarter of 2022, internet users worldwide witnessed approximately 52 million data breaches. In the past year, 57% of organizations experienced a security incident and data breach due to a digital certificate compromise. These statistics shine a light on cybersecurity problems that must be improved to reduce successful cyberattacks.

While it is not unknown that expired digital certificates and mismanaged public key infrastructure (PKI) can wreak havoc on your organization’s security posture, many organizations are still holding on to the age-old methods of managing PKI manually. In the absence of dedicated PKI teams and crypto experts, delegating the responsibilities of managing certificates and PKI to IT teams is a burden and prone to errors.

Last year, 80% of organizations suffered one or more breaches due to a lack of cybersecurity skills and/or awareness. From the cybersecurity standpoint, PKI is critical for your organization as it establishes the identity of network endpoints and encrypts the flow of data from applications and servers in hybrid, multi-cloud environments.

The need for a robust PKI cannot be understated, especially with an increasing number of devices that are capable of leveraging the internet to communicate with each other – mobile devices, cloud-native applications, IoT-enabled hardware, and online payment systems to name a few. In this era of perimeter-less security, all digital communications require PKI for security to reduce cyber risks and meet compliance mandates.

Traditionally, enterprises have turned to deploy on-premises or homegrown private PKI to secure their internal network. Managing on-premises PKI however, has many challenges including deployment complexities, high operational costs due to hardware and maintenance, and limited scalability. Now in the age of digital transformation, enterprises are opting for the more modern approach of PKI-as-a-Service for its many benefits.

The Top-Down Approach to Simplify Your Private PKI

Why You Should Adopt PKI-as-a-Service:

  • Robust and secure CA environment: With PKIaaS, enterprises are able to remotely deploy and operate a private CA environment. All root CA creation functions like key ceremonies can also be performed remotely but with full security. Various types of certificates can be issued such as for SSL/TLS, machine authentication, code signing, IoT devices, and more. CA keys are secured using FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified Cloud HSMs with high availability. The Root CA can be kept in a disabled state.
  • Reduced operational and compliance risks: With PKIaaS, organizations do not have to worry about the complexity of managing and operating an internal PKI. The operational burden of manual, homegrown PKI can be lifted from IT teams. Robust cloud-based PKI solutions are integrated with certificate lifecycle management (CLM) to automate the certificate lifecycle functions from discovery to enrollment to renewal or revocation. PKIaaS can also ensure a consistent organization-wide PKI policy is enforced for issuing certificates, which ensures compliance and improves security.
  • Scalable and ready-to-use infrastructure: Shorter certificate validity and accelerated cloud adoptions are fueling the number of digital certificates being used in an organization. PKIaaS enables on-demand scalability without disturbing business operations and processes. An ideal PKIaaS solution allows organizations to easily scale up or down as per the business needs. Your PKI vendor will handle all PKI management and related operations, thereby helping you concentrate on more critical aspects of your business.
  • Reduced operational and overhead costs: Setting up a secure public key infrastructure (PKI) from scratch involves upfront investments in technology resources (hardware, software, HSMs, etc.) and hiring skilled personnel to build, manage, and maintain it 24×7. Whereas, organizations can quickly add  PKIaaS on a subscription or pay-as-you-go basis. This option delivers instant value while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO), and saving on acquiring dedicated PKI resources needed to set up, operate, and maintain the infrastructure. Hence, the prices are much less compared to the traditional on-premise PKI or the managed PKI. 

Modernize and Simplify your Private PKI with AppViewX PKI+ 

AppViewX PKI+ is a ready-to-consume, scalable, and highly secure PKIaaS fully integrated with certificate lifecycle management. As a complete solution, AppViewX PKI+ with CERT+ offers turnkey PKI combined with powerful certificate lifecycle automation that simplifies all the complexity of managing a private PKI.

The biggest benefit of AppViewX PKI+ is that enterprises do not need to invest upfront in expensive hardware and security experts. Additionally, IT teams are no longer burdened with time-consuming, error-prone infrastructure tasks and instead can focus their efforts on higher-value projects.AppViewX PKI+ manages the infrastructure and provides security expertise.

Talk to an expert or register for a live demo to learn all about the benefits of  AppViewX PKI+.

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