Upgrading your F5 BIG-IP – The Automated Way

Now that v12 of the F5 BIG-IP series is around the corner, many customers might have plans to upgrade to the latest offering from F5. Regardless if there is a version upgrade, there will definitely be patches and hotfixes that need to be pushed onto the ADCs.

The traditional way of performing upgrades includes configuring all the pre-upgrade requirements and then upgrading all the devices. If there is a version upgrade taking place, then it may be required to push multiple updates one by one.

F5 BigIP

AppViewX’s Application Delivery Automation solution enables you to upgrade all F5 BIG-IP devices across your infrastructure simultaneously so you don’t have to update each and every device one by one. If there are multiple updates that need to be pushed onto your devices, you can specify the order. In most cases, devices will have a primary and a secondary hard disk. In such scenarios, you can upgrade the secondary hard disks initially and validate the changes before syncing the primary hard disks.

Finally, you don’t have to manually implement the upgrades. With AppViewX, you can schedule when the updates need to be pushed onto the devices and, of course, all of this is logged and reports are generated.


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  • ADC management
  • F5 Automation
  • Low Code Automation

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