The Future of Application Delivery Networking (ADN)

In an era of disruption, we may wonder what will be the future of application delivery networking (ADN), especially with the large SDN investments being made by the major technology firms, virtualization, and the convergence of various technologies. The last decade has seen significant technological advancements in ADN. Leaders in this space have implemented many RFCs to improve application security, availability, reliability, and acceleration. These enhancements are not going to go away and ADN is here to stay.

SDN is designed for packet processing and is focused on layer 2–3. It solves a major pain point with traditional physical networks and enables rapid routing changes. That said, there will be tighter integration of SDN and ADN solutions over the next two to three years to ensure high quality of service for end users. This will be possible with increased awareness of the application, device, and network context.

In an increasingly connected world, where business partners and customers are interconnected, there is a greater need for security, quality of service, and rapid response to changing business needs. The increase in Internet bandwidth usage will accelerate, and big data and virtualization will play an even more important role. ADN shops will need to innovate and make more technological advancements to keep up and enable efficient and secure data centers. Business users will define application priorities and other changes to application configurations based on dynamic business needs. As a result, provisioning and orchestration across multi-vendor solutions will be the key to meeting business needs.

There will be advancements in how the network responds to customer devices in an application-sensitive manner, and how it makes real-time decisions about routing, compression, and other possible transformations to ensure a better customer experience. Similarly, big data will be leveraged to bring about advanced network analytics, which will then drive automation and enhance application and network availability.

The team at AppViewX is working on the next-generation management solutions that are not only vendor-agnostic and fully integrated with L2–L7 technologies, but also enable a different level of collaboration between the various stakeholders to ensure seamless deployments. We also have data-driven and predictive planning as well as enhanced visibility through tighter integration with network technologies and a custom-built, big-data framework. This is to keep up with the market need for a next-generation management platform that will take application-centric management to a whole new level of awareness and intelligence.

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