Rapid and Efficient Application Delivery: Automation and Orchestration

Enterprises are continuously deploying new and updated applications. Data centers and networks, in particular, must become more agile and responsive to change. Recent joint webinar presented by AppViewX and Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) uncover the strategies that infrastructure and operations teams implement to deliver applications efficiently.

Digital transformation demands IT agility to meet the dynamic application environment changes and new application models. Organizations are looking at rapid application deployment and high-quality service delivery. Recent research by EMA reports that “47% of organizations take more than a week to deliver IT service request to provision an application.” Network engineering and operational tasks are complex and are manually implemented. To deploy an application, network engineering team receives change requests from multiple teams including routing and switching requests, Application Delivery Controller changes, Firewall configuration and other networking security changes, DDI changes, etc. Manual management is slow and error-prone.

Automation and Orchestration is the key to Data Center Agility

‘Data center network automation and orchestration’ is one of the top three new initiatives that are driving network decisions to meet business demands as in the recent research report by EMA. SDN has emerged as a way to improve data center agility but it is not the only route to rely on. The network teams are looking for automation solutions which could automate tasks, streamline workflows, reduce risk and apply best practices for effective application delivery. These network automation and orchestration solutions remove the network bottleneck to enable data center agility.

AppViewX offers management, automation, and orchestration solutions for best-in-class and open-source network services in enterprise-defined data centers. With AppViewx, you can automate application deployment, configuration and policy changes and reduce multiple and manual workflows across multiple teams to a single automated workflow.

Watch the complete webinar here to check out,

  • The challenges network teams face with provisioning new application environments
  • Network configuration errors are the #1 root cause of complex IT service problems
  • Ways to address these network challenges
  • Achieve data center agility through automation and orchestration solutions
  • How AppViewX helps you deliver applications faster
  • Gain visibility into your application infrastructure


  • NetOps Automation
  • Network Automation
  • Network Infrastructure Management

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