The Importance of Network Infrastructure Discovery in the Application Delivery Process

Today, we are all living and working in an increasingly digital world, and in response, network infrastructure is becoming more and more complex.

The last decade was witness to tremendous change on the technology front – increased use of technology by people (“Apps Everywhere”), a shift toward truly digital businesses and advancements in the networking industry to support business demand. With these shifts came brand new network infrastructure management challenges. As businesses become almost completely digitalized, it becomes even more important to secure the network infrastructure and ensure your applications are always available.

In the past, many organizations created network maps or diagrams that provided complete details regarding the devices on their network and their connectivity. These maps and diagrams are a required artifacts that help to better manage IT systems’ uptime, performance, security, and plan network changes and upgrades.

However, in today’s digital landscape, organizations are facing a shift from this network-centric approach toward a more application-centric one. As networks become more complex in nature, automated network mapping becomes more important. Most enterprises cannot truly say they have a full and centralized view of their application delivery network infrastructure, and complexity is usually to blame. Maintaining an application-centric view is key to effectively troubleshooting outages.

Lack of visibility is the biggest issue facing network teams. That’s why network infrastructure discovery – the process of identifying various services attached to an application infrastructure – is so important. Without undergoing this process and gaining proper visibility, teams cannot successfully accomplish the basics of network management.

Application delivery in enterprises can be complex, time-consuming, and cumbersome, so having a clear view of the service infrastructure is crucial. The ability to see the application status (as well as the status of the network services behind it) at any time directly affects the success of your delivery. Unfortunately, manually creating a visio diagram of a complex application network infrastructure is neither easy nor accurate. And, if you can’t take a detailed look at the status of your application during an outage, the entire network team must scroll through hundreds – or even thousands – of lines of configurations to identify what went wrong. Businesses can’t afford this kind of costly downtime.

The AppViewX Way: InfraMaps

The AppViewX platform provides network infrastructure discovery that generates an intuitive app-centric representation of infrastructures with network topology mapping of managed service components. These are referred to as InfraMaps, and they give application and network teams a comprehensive look at the application infrastructure, allowing them to troubleshoot issues more quickly and efficiently. By adding all the devices in your delivery infrastructure to inventory, AppViewX uses device credentials to provide network infrastructure discovery of configurations across multi-vendor and hybrid infrastructures.

Application-centric visibility facilitates better outcomes and speedier deliveries. It allows your organization to better deliver on application availability, scale, analytics, and security. If you are in the networking field or have a hybrid infrastructure, give us an opportunity to show you the impact an advanced network infrastructure discovery feature can have on your business. Start a free trial today!


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