Building an Agile Infrastructure with the New AppViewX 12.0

In today’s technology climate, businesses are confronted with constant change. As they are forced to adapt, the applications they use must be updated or reconfigured to meet the changing needs without compromising their availability. That’s why organizations are starting to turn to more agile deployment tools, like open-source software or cloud services.

But, as trends change, companies must take a careful, strategic approach to their new application deployment process. They must improve operational agility and support traditional and lightweight load balancers while also maintaining availability, security, and reliability in the data center.

The newest version of our AppViewX platform – AVX 12.0 – was developed with an enhanced modular and highly scalable architecture. This version of the product provides the same role-based management, automation and orchestration tools, but with new extended support for open-source load balancing solutions. This provides customers with an all-in-one application delivery platform to help them achieve true agility across heterogeneous environments. AVX 12.0 supports the latest F5 BIG-IQ platform, Amazon Web Services (Elastic Load Balancing), and open-source load balancing software such as HAProxy and NGINX.

What’s new in AVX 12.0?

Address business demands with support for AWS ELB, HAProxy, and NGINX

Many application teams facing high levels of demand look to open-source load balancing software to deliver applications faster. The AVX 12.0 release adds support for AWS ELB, HA Proxy (v1.5 & above), and NGINX Plus (R11). AVX 12.0 provides,

  • Centralized management and automation of traditional and lightweight load balancers that are serving mode 1 and mode 2 applications across data centers
  • Standardized delivery process through automated workflows for performing operational tasks like server rotation
  • Self-servicing capabilities for application teams through granular role-based access control

Simplify F5 BIG-IP management by integrating with the latest BIG-IQ

The new release also extends customer benefits using multiple BIG-IQ instances. AVX 12.0’s support for the latest BIG-IQ platform (v5.1) provides interoperability between F5’s BIG-IQ management platform and AppViewX’s Application Delivery Automation solution, allowing for fast and simplified orchestration of ADC services. AVX 12.0 provides,

  • Simplified management of multiple BIG-IQ functions and associated BIG-IP LTM devices in a single console
  • Automated workflows to create, modify, delete or perform any actions on virtual servers
  • The ability to delegate and control access through granular role-based access control

Modular and highly scalable architecture

The AppViewX platform was built using a modular architecture to enable automated application delivery in enterprise-defined data centers. The vendor plugins can be released independently from the core platform, allowing for quicker support for new versions and products. This flexibility allows for integration into a larger ecosystem of technology vendors. The AppViewX platform provides horizontal scaling with multi-node deployment for distributed data centers to meet the heavy user and performance demands. It can scale to support thousands of network devices. AppViewX GUI and other secure APIs can be scaled based on customer requirements.

AVX 12.0 will be generally available (GA) to customers on May 15, 2017. Learn more about AVX 12.0 in the press release. Watch the webinar for a guided tour of what’s new in AVX 12.0


  • Application Delivery Automation
  • Certificate Management
  • Network Infrastructure Automation

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