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Crypto Agility

Buying a Certificate from CA

PKI for IoT

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) offers a one-size-fits-all solution for all IoT devices, however unique they are. It employs X.509 digital certificates to identify devices, authenticate them, and encrypt data that flows between them. It removes the need for passwords and protracted authorization checks – devices can just identify each other with their public key and start exchanging data.

With point-to-point encryption and foolproof authentication, digital certificates provide a safe environment for IoT devices to function, mitigating data leakage and hacking concerns. They authenticate software upgrades as well- making it tough for hackers to break into the network. PKI is a core component of TLS (Transport Layer Security), and implementing it into IoT can bring much-needed standardization and security to it.

Digital certificates can be obtained from a trusted CA (Certificate Authority).

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