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Scanning involves discovering all the certificates that are installed across various endpoints in your network. Every scan records the key details of certificates like their location, health, type, days to expiry, their position in the chain of trust, etc. They provide insights into the security map of the network infrastructure, and help detect major flaws. Most certificate scanning platforms are vendor-agnostic, and also support networks that span multiple geographies.

Certificate scanning can be initiated manually or scheduled to take place at regular intervals. Scanning is available for certificates in both on-premise and cloud networks. You can also customize the type of scans you want to run, whether the software scans the whole network or only parts of it, the intensity of scans, etc. The results are usually displayed on a comprehensive dashboard that you can view at your convenience. You can also get the reports to be emailed to your network administrator, security architects, and the rest of your IT team.

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