Why is Machine Identity as important as Human Identity?

Communication is an elemental fabric of a society that keeps it running. There’s a constant exchange of information, commodities or services happening between individuals for various purposes. For any communication to occur, there are three entities involved – sender, receiver and message. A message doesn’t have any value of its own until it is attached to the identities of a sender and a receiver.

So, let me ask you this – What is your most basic level of identity? Is it your license, your passport, or your social security number? It is none of them. Your name is your first identity before anything else. Now imagine a world if there were no names. A society could not function in such a case. None of the inter-personal or official interactions could ever occur without being able to address the intended person.

With the evolution of our civilization in the past few centuries, human identity has become an integral part of our lives. All the laws and policies in a nation are only applicable as long as there are humans with their specific identities to adhere to. With a valid identity you can travel to and transact with anyone all around the globe within the confined limits of law. The concept of human identity has been deeply imbibed in our civilization and it seems to work well.

From analogue to digital age

Everything seemed to be working smoothly with all the laws and policies with respect to human identities when a new age began – the digital age. Humans learned to connect virtually through digital devices as well, mostly computer, when it all started. The concept of identity that became most popular in this scenario is through a user name and password.

Since internet was seen as an evolution from telecom in its initial days, it was still quite anthropocentric. People only imagined another person they are communicating with and internet and PCs were merely a means for them to connect. Most of the machines were still human-operated and hence, the user credential solution worked quite well for a few decades.

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Technology at its peak

As we evolved further, computers started getting more intelligent. We started infusing life into these devices which seems to grow them more prominently as an independent entity. With higher intelligence, machines started gaining more autonomy on the kind of operations they can perform. They are no longer seen as merely a means but more of a partner that can augment human capabilities. They can do more now with lesser human intervention required. 

This level of autonomy has created a need for machines to have their own identity as well. With billions of devices connected over the internet and communicating with each other, a new civilization, a digital civilization, is getting alive in front of our eyes. With the evolution of technology, we are in a race of creating highest level of intelligent machines that can serve us with the least effort required.

The gap between machines and humans are reducing considerably. Since we are the creators of this new digital civilization, its basic working model would naturally be much similar to that of ours. It would be nothing less than a replica of human civilization. How human identity concept worked for us in the past, the concept of machine identity works the same in the digital civilization.

Where are we headed

We are currently in an age where we are getting aware of a concept like machine identity. But know that in the coming few decades this would become as obvious of a concept as human identity is for us now. Forget about identity, machines are being developed to feel emotions as well and are on a race to become at par with humans. 

If it is hard for us to imagine a society without human identities in the present times, it would be same for machine identities too in the future. No wonder we have Sophia, the first robot to be already granted nationality by Saudi Arabia.

And so far, we have only scratched the surface. The AI revolution is going to bring a paradigm shift of our existence on Earth.

AppViewX in a larger context

At AppViewX, we take pride in contributing to the evolution of biggest invention of mankind – intelligent machines. In this era, we are witnessing machines coming alive and our role in all that is to help them with identity. Through our offering to the world, we help set up the infrastructure needed to manage machine identities and thereby making them a citizen of a digital civilization.

We are playing a foundational role in the evolution of mankind through augmented digital capabilities and that is something for us to feel proud of!

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