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Deployment woes, a thing of the past, With AppViewX ADC+ at last.
Blue-Green and Canary, a winning team, Efficient management, always gleam.
Confidence in every step we take, No more circus acts, no more mistakes.

AppViewX ADC+ is a load balancer orchestration solution that automates and optimizes the process of application delivery, and gives you Blue-Green and Canary Deployments right out of the box – along with 59+ other features.

Say goodbye to the manual labor of managing F5, NGINX, A10, and Citrix ADC (NetScaler) instances, and hello to advanced automation features like automatic discovery, configuration management, real-time monitoring, and a streamlined workflow that will make repetitive tasks a thing of the past. No matter where you prefer to play, AppViewX ADC+ works with any cloud environment – be it public clouds like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or private clouds like OpenStack, VMware, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. So, why continue struggling with manual application delivery processes when you can revolutionize and orchestrate with AppViewX ADC+?

For a better understanding, let’s compare AppViewX ADC+ with Terraform on some generic parameters

The following table compares the different methods of achieving Blue-Green and canary deployments with Terraform and AppViewX ADC+.

Parameters Terraform AppViewX ADC+
Deployment Configurations Complex HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL) and scripting required Simple and efficient, can be done via a web-based GUI with a few clicks
Blue-Green Deployment Manual configuration of traffic weight and priority for each version of the application
Automatic traffic management with built-in Blue-Green deployment feature
Canary Deployment Manual configuration of traffic weight and priority for each version of the application Automatic traffic management with built-in canary deployment feature
Management Difficult to manage and monitor multiple versions of the application Centralized management console for provisioning, configuring, and managing multiple versions of the application with real-time monitoring and alerts
Troubleshooting Difficult to identify and resolve issues, requires manual intervention Quick identification and resolution of issues with built-in troubleshooting tools and real-time monitoring

Now you might ask, AppViewX ADC+ features are too good to be true! Well, this solution is empowering Fortune 500 companies to automate and orchestrate load balancing and accelerate application delivery. Check out this Case Study –Fortune 500 Global Insurance Provider Managed, Automated and Orchestrated their F5 ADC Infrastructure Using AppViewX ADC+ to see how they are getting tremendous value from AppViewX ADC+.

Our engineers who built and continue to innovate AppViewX ADC+, wanted to simplify the process of Blue-Green and canary deployments. This product creates a centralized system that lets you monitor load balancer health without missing out on alerts for quick identification and resolution of issues. This makes AppViewX ADC+, a trusted partner for organizations looking to streamline their load balancer management and improve the efficiency of their network operations.

With AppViewX ADC+, you can declaratively manage and monitor load balancer configurations with built-in Blue-Green and canary deployment features and troubleshooting solutions, helping you dramatically improve the efficiency of your network operations to ensure application performance and availability.

Let’s jump on to how AppViewX ADC+ streamlines Blue-Green Deployment

To make things super simple, your journey with AppViewX ADC+ starts with dynamic “Application View Dashboards” to help you monitor your application delivery ecosystem. You, as a user, can activate standard predefined templates for GSLB and SLB Application management and create instant application dashboards.

The Out-of-the-box GSLB and SLB App Management Templates look like this:

Using these templates in 3 quick steps, you can accomplish Blue-Green deployment:

Accomplishing Blue-Green deployment using predefined Application Layouts
Accomplishing Blue-Green deployment using predefined Application Layouts
Step 1

Configure the Application Layout: The Blue-Green deployment model is accomplished using the Data center-based App View (See image below).

Step 2

Configure Objects: Enter the GSLB/SLB Application patterns you wish to monitor/manage.

Step 3

Launch Dashboard: Tag the widgets to an existing dashboard or create a new dashboard.

You now have a new dashboard in minutes that will allow you to deploy Blue-Green versions and manage your traffic. Watch below:

Simple Steps to achieve Blue-Green Deployment
Watch → 3 Simple Steps to achieve Blue-Green Deployment

For Confidence in deployment, simplicity in management. Get started with AppViewX ADC+

In conclusion, there is no longer a need to struggle with the complexities of blue-green and canary deployments. With AppViewX ADC+, organizations can streamline their deployment process, reduce downtime, minimize errors, and ensure an optimal user experience. The advanced traffic management and automation capabilities of AppViewX ADC+ allows you to confidently deliver your applications, no matter the level of complexity in your environment. Don’t wait, upgrade your deployment process today!

Automate your network!


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