Introducing AppViewX KUBE+ – A Certificate Lifecycle Management Solution Built To Secure Your Kubernetes Environments

It is impossible to discuss today’s enterprise application landscape without mentioning Cloud, DevOps, and containerization. These innovative approaches are transforming how applications are built, deployed, and run in the Cloud.

As containers become ubiquitous, Kubernetes is seeing exponential growth. With features like high availability, portability, and efficient resource utilization, Kubernetes has emerged as a go-to platform for deploying and managing containerized applications in the Cloud.

Given its widespread adoption and the fact that Kubernetes isn’t inherently secure, there is now a greater focus on securing Kubernetes environments with more robust and adequate defense mechanisms that can also support DevOps speed and agility.

“It’s never been more important for the Security team to collaborate with the Development and Operations team and embed security controls earlier in the developer workflows.”

State of Kubernetes Security Report, 2023

TLS Is a Foundation for Securing Kubernetes, but Challenging

TLS certificates are highly recommended for reinforcing security in Kubernetes—primarily to protect three critical aspects—the ingress traffic, pod-to-pod and service mesh communications, and Kubernetes infrastructure components.

TLS is fundamental to identifying all the components within the cluster, enabling authentication between them, and securing their communications. With unique identities, reliable authentication, and strong encryption, TLS certificates help protect containerized applications without impacting DevOps speed or agility.

However, if you operate in a Kubernetes environment, then you know managing TLS certificates at scale and at speed is not easy – both for DevOps and security teams. By virtue of their distributed setup and dynamic nature, Kubernetes environments require a high volume of short-lived TLS certificates. Issuing and managing these certificates across hundreds of clusters and multiple clouds has grown highly complex for PKI and InfoSec teams. The sheer certificate sprawl, coupled with a lack of visibility and control, creates security blind spots in the form of unmanaged, rogue, and non-compliant certificates.

It is not the security teams alone that are bogged down by certificate management challenges. Painfully slow manual processes and lack of integration with the CI/CD pipeline often frustrate developers, pushing them to seek workarounds that amplify security risks significantly.

Together, the operational complexities and security challenges have made certificate lifecycle management neither conducive for DevOps nor easy for security teams, inevitably impacting productivity and business outcomes.

Introducing AppViewX KUBE+

To solve these persistent challenges, we’re excited to announce the launch of our newest product, AppViewX KUBE+ — a comprehensive automated certificate lifecycle management solution built for Kubernetes environments. It provides centralized visibility, control and governance of certificates to help secure containerized workloads while keeping up with DevOps speed and agility.

AppViewX KUBE+ features are purpose-built to address both the operational complexities and security challenges of certificate management in Kubernetes environments. This helps DevOps, CloudOps, and InfoSec teams manage thousands of certificates with ease and confidence. In addition, simplifying and streamlining certificate lifecycle management also helps mitigate application outages, service disruptions, and security and compliance risks.

How Does AppViewX KUBE+ Simplify Certificate Lifecycle Management in Kubernetes Environments?

Here’s a look into the AppViewX KUBE+ capabilities that will make certificate lifecycle management easier in Kubernetes to bring security up to speed with DevOps.

  • Smart Discovery

Automatically discovers all SSL/TLS certificates from public and private Certificate Authorities (CAs) and self-signed certificates across Kubernetes clusters (including self-managed and/or cloud provider-managed Kubernetes)

  • Certificate Inventory and Insights

Maintains an up-to-date certificate inventory and provides visibility into certificate metadata such as namespace and secrets, chain of trust, location, expiration dates, crypto standards, etc.

  • End-To-End Certificate Lifecycle Automation

Automates all certificate lifecycle processes, from enrollment to renewal to revocation across Ingress points, Service Mesh, and the Control Plane – with automation workflows, Rest APIs, and auto-enrollment protocol support.

  • Self-Service Orchestration

Provides a fully customizable, intuitive, and user-friendly self-service portal with role-based access control (RBAC) to enable teams to easily request and manage SecOps-validated certificates on their own without any dependencies, improving DevOps processes and creating efficiency.

  • Robust Policy and Compliance Engine

Allows automated enforcement of enterprise-wide certificate and PKI policies, eliminating rogue or non-compliant certificate issuance. Generates custom reports and audit logs for configuration health checks, easier audits, and compliance validation.

  • Extensive Native Integrations

Offers ecosystem integrations with leading public and private CAs, secrets managers, CI/CD tools, Service Mesh, and ITSMs for seamless certificate lifecycle management across a large number of Kubernetes clusters managed by multiple teams.

  • Crypto-Agility

Allows you to easily configure policies to automate the re-issuance or renewal of certificates at scale with updated crypto standards, enabling full crypto-agility.

Read the datasheet to learn and explore more AppViewX KUBE+ features

Why Choose AppViewX KUBE+?

As a SaaS solution, AppViewX KUBE+ delivers instant value by enabling you to:

  • Gain complete visibility and easily control all Kubernetes certificates regardless of the size or complexity of your clusters
  • Eliminate security blind spots, remediate misconfigurations, and ensure all your certificates are compliant with security, industry and regulatory standards and mandates
  • Renew all certificates on time to avoid costly outages and ensure applications are secure and always up and running
  • Accelerate DevOps efficiency by supporting high-speed certificate issuance, automated processes, and self-service
  • Align DevOps and InfoSec teams on certificate lifecycle management to balance speed and security

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what one of our early access customers think about AppViewX KUBE+:

“Here at Broadcom, the platform engineering team is responsible for all our cloud assets which includes our Kubernetes-centric platform that supports our SaaS applications. With teams using various Certificate Authorities and self-signed certificates, we needed certificate visibility to reduce risk and eliminate security concerns.AppViewX KUBE+ provides our teams with comprehensive discovery and visibility of thousands of certificates putting us in complete control of all certificates across hundreds of Kubernetes clusters.”

  • Ganesh Janakiraman, Head of Cloud Platform Engineering for Broadcom.

Get Started with AppViewX KUBE+

As a SaaS solution, AppViewX KUBE+ is available now and is part of the AppViewX Digital Identity Management Platform that includes AppViewX CERT+ and AppViewX PKI+ for automating PKI and certificate lifecycle management across complex hybrid multi-cloud environments.

If you are ready to unlock the benefits of AppViewX KUBE+ for yourself, head over to our product page now to request a personalized demo and learn how you can simplify Kubernetes certificate lifecycle management and security.

Read AppViewX KUBE+ Solution Brief

Take the risk and complexity out of Kubernetes certificate lifecycle management with AppViewX KUBE+, so you can remain focused on building containerized applications at speed and scale. Contact us today!


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