How to Migrate a VIP from One Environment to Another Faster

One of the leading financial services companies had difficulties migrating virtual IPs (VIPs) from one device to another. This scenario is common when there is a need to migrate a VIP from one environment to another (e.g., DEV, UAT, PROD) or when migrating a VIP to a secondary device. A critical issue the company faced was the manual errors that occurred while migrating the configurations.

AppViewX provides a built-in module to migrate configurations. This allowed the customer to import basic details, such as source and destination, based on which automatic migration is performed. It offers error-free migration with minimal manual intervention. There is an option to schedule the migration that performs the change management within a defined change window.

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For customized migration, cookie-cutter templates allowed users to program the desired modifications using a Python script. This template is used to capture the VIP details, append necessary values, and then migrate the VIP to the destination device. AppViewX gave the company the ability to define workflows for approvals, validation, and implementation. Tracking the changes in a centralized logging inventory helps the company keep track of the changes.


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