Has an Expired Certificate Caused an Application Outage?

Currently, 90 percent of certificate teams monitor the expiration of their SSL/TLS certificates using an Excel spreadsheet. So, if an organization had about 1500 SSL/TLS certificates, the certificate team would have to go through 1500 entries on a daily basis, which is a very tedious task. And then, what if a single certificate is missed and expires? The ensuing events could be disastrous and result in applications crashing and their data being compromised. The consequences could mean huge losses for the business.

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To precisely address this pain point and others, AppViewX’s Certificate Lifecycle Automation solution has a built-in certificate expiry alerting system and can also act as a multi-vendor certificate renewal solution that can renew SSL/TLS certificates automatically. You can configure the solution to renew your certificate(s) ‘n’ number of days before expiration. It not only renews the certificate and pushes it to your device applications, it also simultaneously sends out alerts either as emails or as SNMP traps. Integrations with industry-leading CAs enable complete, end-to-end certificate lifecycle management capabilities.

Start a free trial of the Certificate Lifecycle Automation solution and learn how it can act as a certificate discovery tool to identify unknown certificates, help with SSL certificate monitoring, generate new SSL/TLS certificates and automate certificate provisioning.

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