Bring in Change Management Automation

End users and application owners spend a lot of time creating or modifying configurations on ADCs. This includes the complete cycle, from requesting a change right up to implementation. Enterprises encounter a large number of changes every day, and all these changes have to be processed through a change request. In most cases, a change request takes 14 or more days to be manually implemented. And, according to an independent audit, approximately 40 percent of production errors arise due to manual errors.

AppViewX aims to reduce the margin of error by bringing in complete automation with manual checks at critical junctures. By integrating with external ticketing systems, such as Remedy, ServiceNow, and others, AppViewX provides an easy yet efficient approach to processing change requests. These integrations, along with a built-in workflow system, provides end-to-end change control to ensure that all changes are tracked appropriately. Further integrations with IPAM and DDI systems enable complete provisioning of applications. AppViewX’s Application Provisioning System (APS) can also be integrated with these systems, enabling users to create a DNS entry while simultaneously pulling out free IPs when required.

Reduction in implementation time

With all these integrations and workflow systems integrated with the platform, AppViewX has significantly helped customers in numerous ways. It has reduced the time it takes for a configuration to deploy on the ADC drastically, from 20 days to just 3 days. In addition, the workflow system provides all necessary checks in place, ensuring that error-free configurations are implemented.

Secure access control

Through built-in role-based access control (RBAC), users have the power to specify who can create and request changes, who can approve them, and who can implement them. Many organizations have multiple levels of approvals before implementation. In such cases, AppViewX’s RBAC is flexible enough to be customized based on organizational requirements to ensure that a seamless process is followed.


  • Application Delivery Automation
  • Network Automation
  • Network Infrastructure Automation

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