Back Up Your ADCs Proactively

In today’s complex network infrastructure, there is always a possibility for a configuration error to cause a network outage or, in worst case scenarios, a power or other failure to cause the entire load balancer appliance or virtual instance to go down. To avoid these setbacks, it is essential to do a complete backup on a regular basis.

Backup Restore

AppViewX’s Application Delivery Automation solution enables backups to be done on a manual basis or with scheduling, which ensures that you have complete archives of all your devices stored in a central repository with AppViewX. Along with the ability to perform the backup, you can also restore the archive back to the device either completely or partially based on the requirement (for example, restore only one virtual server that was misconfigured during modifications). One of the biggest advantages is the ability to compare between two archives to see exactly which changes have taken place between the time frame of archive 1 vs. archive 2. This gives you essential details, such as the files within the backup folder that have been changed and a line-by-line comparison of the changes for your reference.

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