6 Criteria Checklist: How to Choose the Right Network Automation Tool

Network teams are finally realizing that traditional approaches to application infrastructure management and service delivery are time-consuming, inefficient and error-prone. Network automation tools are essential to meet the needs of growing digital business. According to Gartner report – Market Guide for Network Automation1, “By 2021, productized network automation tools will be used by 45% of organizations, which is an increase from fewer than 10% today.”

To adopt network automation effectively, organizations must choose the right technologies and planning methodologies, and collaborate with the people who best understand their organization’s needs. A strong network automation foundation helps to deliver an application at the speed of digitalization and reduces operations costs by addressing an increased number of requests. The primary drivers for automating the network are to improve agility and address dynamic change requests, simplify and standardize the network, eliminate manual errors, reduce service costs, and centrally manage and monitor the network.

Choosing a network automation tool is no easy task and mistakes can result in costly outages. While many of the automation tools currently on the market are designed to do the same thing, they can vary substantially in their approaches. This means that procuring the right one for your environment requires careful evaluation of available systems and resources. Here we list a checklist of 6 key capabilities your organization must consider when evaluating network automation tools. Opting for a solution that meets these criteria will help you receive the best possible return on your investment

  1. Auto Discovery of Network Configurations
  2. Automated Provisioning of Network Services
  3. Auditing and Compliance Enforcement
  4. Role-based Authentication and Authorization
  5. Alerting and Reporting
  6. Scalability

Download the solution guide, “Buyer’s Guide for Network Automation Tools” to learn more about the functions of network automation and how to choose the best solution for your individual organization and its needs.

1Gartner Report, Market Guide for Network Automation, 26 March 2018

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