AppViewX’s Partnership with PrimeKey raises the bar for integrated PKI Management Systems

The collaboration enables single-window certificate operation automation and management for PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise offerings via AppViewX CERT+.

New York, NY (August 27, 2019) Today, AppViewX, the market leader in PKI management and automation, announced a technological partnership with PrimeKey, a leading provider of multi-platform PKI solutions. The integration is geared towards optimizing and streamlining the certificate management lifecycle, and gives users the convenience of manipulating and enforcing certificate operations from a single platform.

X.509 certificates and PKI are mainstays of digital security, and work to authenticate channels of communication and secure data transmitted over the internet. Implementations are intricate, complex, and deeply tied into network infrastructures, making maintenance a demanding task. With PKI, it’s never set-and-forget – skilled security professionals are required to constantly monitor their certificate infrastructures to ensure the absence of invalidity, expirations, and other anomalies.

With a myriad of vendors and configurations available on the market to cater to bespoke needs, administrators often have to manually configure individual solutions for different vendors due to a lack of centralization. This approach is often error-prone and time-consuming, leading to enterprises falling victim to widespread application downtimes, or worse, data breaches. With the cost associated with breaches estimated at an average of $4.9 M, the manual approach exposes businesses to an unnecessary risk factor which can be avoided by automating and centralizing the certificate lifecycle.

With the unification of AppViewX’s flagship certificate management solution (CERT+) and PrimeKey’s PKI product (EJBCA Enterprise), a compelling value proposition has been launched into the market. The integration is deep and all-encompassing, allowing the AppViewX platform to act as a Single Source of Truth for managing EJBCA-issued certificates and keys. From automated renewals, to enrollment or revocation, a thriving zero-touch environment is created which streamlines the entire value chain and makes it infinitely easier to maintain in exemplary working order.

The joint solution includes the following features:

  • Sweeping automated network scans to locate certificates
  • Auto-inventory and classification
  • Secure key automation and provisioning
  • End-to-end PKI management: issuance, enrollment, renewals, and revocation.

More information on the joint solution is available here.

About AppViewX:

AppViewX creates end-to-end certificate lifecycle and network management
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systems to organizations across every vertical. The AppViewX platform enables the
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intent has been achieved and providing actionable insights and automated
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About PrimeKey:

PrimeKey is one of the world’s leading companies for PKI and digital signing solutions. With our products: EJBCA Enterprise, SignServer Enterprise, PKI Appliance, SignServer Appliance, and the Primekey SEE, we deliver the capability to implement an enterprise grade PKI system ready to support solutions such as IoT, IIoT, e-ID, e-Passports, authentication, digital signatures, code signing, digital identities, and validation; all solutions where digital certificates would be a main enabler. For more information, visit