AppViewX Launches AVX ONE – the Most Advanced End-to-End Certificate Lifecycle Management Platform – at RSA Conference 2024

With One unified SaaS platform, customers and partners achieve unparalleled visibility and complete control over all certificates, keys, devices, workloads, clouds and configurations with scalable discovery, automation and remediation

SAN FRANCISCO, RSA CONFERENCE — May 7, 2024 – AppViewX, the leader in automated certificate lifecycle management (CLM) and PKI solutions, today announced AVX ONE, the most advanced and fully integrated SaaS-based CLM platform for PKI, IAM, security, DevOps, cloud, platform and application teams. AVX ONE provides enterprise scale, visibility, automation and control of certificates and keys. It enables governance, and remediation, and crypto-agility to eliminate threats, prevent outages, and prepare for Post-Quantum Cryptography.

AppViewX is demonstrating the AVX ONE platform this week at RSA Conference Booth #4508 in the Moscone North Expo hall.

“As organizations of all sizes look to implement Zero-Trust, the need to manage both human and machine identities becomes the foundational component of any Identity Governance and Administration strategy,” said Gregory Webb, CEO of AppViewX. “The challenge with managing machine identities is the sheer volume of certificates and keys spread across complex hybrid multi-cloud environments. AVX ONE is a single integrated platform, not a collection of siloed tools, that provides complete visibility, comprehensive automation and full remediation control of certificates and keys to eliminate critical blind spots and reduce operational, security and compliance risk. You will simplify PKI with AVX One today.”

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is the foundation for machine identities – providing trust for all types of machines, devices, applications, workloads, cloud services and IoT equipment. This trust is fundamentally built on certificates and keys from both public and private Certificate Authorities (CAs). As these new digital identities continue to increase at near exponential rates, most organizations lack the resources to manage the lifecycle of thousands to millions of certificates and keys. Additionally, there are more disruptions on the horizon with Google’s 90-day TLS certificate validity proposal and post-quantum cryptography, which will put tremendous pressure on teams to avoid certificate related outages and security vulnerabilities.

As a single unified platform, AVX ONE automatically scales to support digital identity and PKI use cases of all types across hybrid infrastructures for enterprise PKI, IAM, DevSecOps, App and Network teams regardless of end customer or MSP deployments. These use cases include Kubernetes and container TLS automation, PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS), easy Microsoft PKI modernization, secure code signing, IoT identity security, SSH management, and Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) readiness with AI and ML risk reduction capabilities for complex hybrid, multi-cloud and edge environments. Deployable on-prem, via dedicated cloud or on a mature SaaS platform, AVX ONE runs with a single connector and a single code base.

Core AVX ONE Capabilities

Key differentiating capabilities and features of AVX ONE include:

  • The only full featured enterprise certificate lifecycle management SaaS platform with additional private cloud hosted and on-premises deployment options
  • Multi-tenant SaaS capabilities to support Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)
  • Smart Discovery feature discovers more than three times more certificates than other certificate lifecycle management products
  • Complete visibility and control of certificates and keys across on-premises, cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure), Kubernetes and container, and IoT environments
  • Data-centric certificate inventory provides deep visibility including type, issuing CA, crypto algorithm, expiry, location, criticality of the endpoint, and more
  • Robust out-of-the-box and custom automation workflows for complete certificate provisioning, renewal, revocation and binding to endpoints
  • Insightful and actionable executive dashboards for Crypto Scoring, preparing for Google 90-day TLS validity, and PQC readiness
  • Policy creation engine to enforce enterprise-wide PKI policies to ensure compliance with security, industry and regulatory mandates
  • Full self-service capabilities with role based access control (RBAC) to support cross-functional teams and make certificate management faster, easier and more secure
  • Access to additional capabilities to manage and control DNS as well as provision, manage and secure Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) and load balancers


AVX ONE is available immediately from AppViewX and its business partners worldwide. For more information and to request a demo, visit AVX ONE or contact [email protected].

About AppViewX

AppViewX is trusted by the world’s leading organizations to reduce risk, ensure compliance, and increase visibility through automated machine identity management and application infrastructure security and orchestration. The AVX One platform provides complete certificate lifecycle management and PKI-as-a-Service using streamlined workflows to prevent outages, reduce security incidents and enable crypto-agility.

Fortune 1000 companies, including six of the top ten global commercial banks, five of the top ten global media companies, and five of the top ten managed healthcare providers rely on AppViewX to automate certificate lifecycle management. AppViewX is headquartered in New York with offices in the U.K., Australia and three development centers of excellence in India.

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