Nationwide Building Society Simplifies and Automates Certificate Lifecycle Management with AppViewX

Client Information

Nationwide Building Society is the seventh-largest cooperative financial institution and the largest building society in the world, with over 15 million members. It is headquartered in Swindon, England.

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Business Challenges in Certificate Management

Prior to AppViewX, Nationwide was using a generic solution to manage certificates. The solution was manually-intensive – certificate request, issuance, renewal, etc. required multiple steps and several back-and-forth exchanges between stakeholders. Manual certificate management resulted in considerable delays and inefficiencies.

The AppViewX Advantage

AppViewX provides Nationwide with a unified, automated solution to manage its certificates end-to-end. The certificate team receives automated certificate alerts and can request and download certificates from a single point. Issuing and renewing certificates have also got a lot easier, as AppViewX collects all the data necessary for requesting a certificate, which means users no longer need to go back and forth to gather missing information. This has significantly reduced enquiries.

The solution sends notifications to the team to enable access whenever someone requests a certificate and allows them to quickly approve or decline requests after viewing, eliminating multiple steps from the previous process.

AppViewX comes with a made-to-measure workflow which integrates the customer’s Active Directory, simplifying access and creating more efficient processes for users. The interactive GUI makes navigation easy and intuitive for users, adding to efficiency.

Customer Testimonial

“The implementation of AppViewX has materially saved time and effort for users across the whole certificate management lifecycle, which is a great outcome.”


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