Brokerage Firm Eliminates 80% of Errors with Automation

Client Information

The customer is a leading American brokerage and banking company that operates across divisions that include investing, wealth management, banking, and trading. The company is one of the world’s largest discount brokers and serves more than 7 million client brokerage accounts.

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Business Challenges

The company performs a lot of configuration operations on the load balancers and the manual implementation process was prone to errors. Application teams, who are not aware of F5 configurations, make numerous requests through the change management system, BMC Remedy. These requests are then forwarded to the network engineering team, which understands the requirements and performs manual implementation.

  • A single new configuration (for example, a new VIP creation) required an IP address from the IPAM system, a new DNS entry for the new virtual server, and VIP configuration.
  • All of this had to go through the change management system with a ticket created for all the changes, approvals, and implementation. This was time-consuming.

Solutions Delivered

The company’s network engineering team used AppViewX’s Application Delivery Automation solution to address above challenges to eradicate manual errors and improve agility. It provided a centralized management and automation of the entire ADC configuration deployment that formerly been managed through a manual process.

  • The Application Provisioning System (APS), a sub-system of the AppViewX Platform helped to create several self-service templates to automate the various steps involved in ADC deployments.
  • By integrating with DDI system, Infoblox and external ticketing system, BMC Remedy, the APS module automated the whole change management process. The entire change window was standardized with a customizable workflow.

Business Benefits

  • The template-based approach to performing ADC configuration changes resulted in a reduction of 80 percent errors due to manual intervention
  • Bandwidth was freed up for the network engineering team, who no longer needs to perform manual configuration changes and can focus on more important tasks
  • Integration with external tools like Infoblox and BMC Remedy ensures that AppViewX is the only platform a user needs to log into with respect to all kinds of configurations and modifications for the load balancers
  • The time it takes to process different work orders (for IPAM, DNS, tickets, and configuration changes) has been drastically reduced from weeks to days


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