Central Management of SSH Keys and Certificates

Are you struggling to maintain complete visibility over SSH keys and certificates?

Secure and automate the lifecycle of SSH keys and certificates distributed across an enterprise with AppViewX SSH key and certificate lifecycle management

Gain full visibility into and control over SSH key and certificate lifecycle

SSH Keys have to be properly documented in order to efficiently use, rotate, and delete them – lest they fall victim to key sprawl and proliferation.

Reduce key compromise risks with SSH key rotation

What you get with AppViewX SSH Key and Certificate Lifecycle Management?

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Complete visibility

Prevent misuse and flag unused, orphaned and defunct keys before it’s too late

Secure operations

Automated key management helps build a strong security posture

Simplified key management

Schedule SSH key rotation and enforce granular access control and workflow. Reduce the risk of keys getting compromised

Faster time to value

Ensure complete SSH inventory using discovery as a continuous process

No Visibility = No Security

Overcome your Security Vulnerabilities with the AppViewX Next-Gen Machine Identity Automation Platform


Manage your SSH keys and certificates more efficiently with holistic visibility and without the errors incurred by manual intervention

Discovery and Inventory
Discover keys from multi-vendor, hybrid network infrastructures – like servers, client devices, cloud instances and VMs– on an on-demand basis.
Keep your inventory updated every day with an option to sync keys each night
Once the keys are discovered, they are stored in an inventory that gives you centralized visibility of all SSH keys across hybrid and multicloud environments.
Enforce Expiration Dates and Delete Outdated Keys
Forcefully expire your SSH keys after a set duration. This helps you understand the number of ageing keys in your infrastructure and delete them proactively. The keys associated with departing employees can be automatically deleted with our advanced integration with your Active Directory systems.
Permanently remove unauthorized users with wrongful access to critical systems.
Rotate Keys with Automation Workflows
Schedule an automated periodic rotation of your keys to ensure all key-trust relationships within the infrastructure are updated with the new key automatically, without hassle.
Enforce time to live (TTL) to a perpetual key to mandate key rotation.
Automate key provisioning to remote servers and workloads.
Monitor SSH Sessions and Terminate them On-Demand
Get direct access to all target systems on-premises or in the cloud within the same console to ensure seamless user experience and superior session tracking on all supported devices. You can also monitor all active SSH sessions on a target device and automatically terminate the ones that seem suspicious.
Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
Group keys based on functionality, and required policies (such as recommended cryptographic techniques and workflows) and map them appropriately to make management simpler.
Our RBAC’s tight integration with your Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) ensures that the necessary teams have a granular view of key groups, as well as the ability to monitor policy violations and unauthorized key usage.

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