Self-Serviceable Application Traffic Management for App Owners

Improve application delivery, availability, and performance with intuitive, single-click application traffic management.


View Application Traffic Statistics on RBAC-Powered Dashboards

Get detailed insights into application traffic routes and the performance of the underlying services (ADC, WAF, DNS, etc.) on app-centric dashboards. With RBAC, each app owner gets to access only their applications’ dashboard, guaranteeing security.

Instantly Handle Traffic Fluctuations with Customized Widgets

App owners can enable/disable objects, add virtual servers, swing traffic between data centers for blue-green deployments, perform automated failovers, and more within minutes - all with a few clicks from custom-built application widgets.

Optimize Application Performance with Real-Time Insights

Obtain real-time visibility into the state, status, health, and performance of each application instance and its objects. Easily spin up virtual servers, allocate resources, or reroute traffic based on performance metrics, right from the dashboard.

"We save over 30% of operations hours by automating our ADC environment."

F5 Platform Manager

Finance Industry

The web interface is very user friendly. It gives us centralized visibility to all our F5 ADC infrastructure.

Systems Architect

Fortune 500 Services Company

Read how the IT department of a major city in the US manages over 5000 applications with self-serviceable automation.

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We play along with your existing automation tools to provide thorough, seamless, DIY orchestration.

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